Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not So Good Start

On our way to North Dakota we had a small set back . . Small but scary. .

Yes our tire BLEW while driving 75 miles per hour in the left lane on interstate 94!

It took my husband over an hour to change the tire and thank goodness it wasn't one of those tiny spare tires, it was an actual tire. If it was one of those small spare tires we would have been in big trouble and it would have taken a lot longer to get to grandma and grandpas house.

Alex was ok for most of it. She wanted to get out and see what Daddy was doing and I let her out for a tiny bit but she had to sit in my lap or was in my arms. She ate cheesy popcorn and that kept her happy.

My husband has decided that once a year he wants to change the spare tire in both cars so that he can get it done a lot faster if there ever is a next time.

There is a picture of our tire. We have decided that we need 4 new tires and I am not excited about spending money on them.


Anna said...

Scary is right! I bet that was loud. Glad everyone and the car is okay. ;)

Jessica said...

Wow, I'm glad everyone is ok! I agree, buying tires is no fun at all. Hope y'all had a great Labor Day!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my, how scary. Thats so dangerous. I'm glad everyone is ok.

Emily said...

Yikes...that is scary! Glad you guys were OK!

dawn said...

very scary! i am so glad that you are all safe and sound! blessings to you!!!

Chrysanthemama said...

Oh, my goodness. I'm glad you're safe! We blew a tire at 75 in the middle of nowhere Texas, in the middle of the night on our way back from our wedding in Minnesota. We had to dig out all of the wedding presents in the trunk, put them on the side of the road, change the tire while hearing the coyotes getting closer and closer! For the last two hours of the trip, I got to carry a big 'ol tire on my lap. :) Again, I am glad you are all okay.