Saturday, September 19, 2009

"This Is Awesome"

This morning we went to Cub Foods to get some grocery shopping done. We had a lot to get because our fridge was empty and it is still not full. We spent about an hour in there because Alex has to push her own cart and she wanted to watch the lady decorate some cakes.

When we walked outside we saw a few police officers. Cub Foods was putting together a Public Safety Day for Elk River.

We had a lot of cold stuff ( milk, frozen dinners, cheese ) and I was getting everything put in the car while Alex was getting in her seat.

I looked up and saw a Helicopter. I figured it was flying over or making rounds and pointed it out to Alex. But then it circled back around and hovered over Cub Foods.


I yanked Alex out of her car seat and ran over to the area they had coned off. We got to watch the North Memorial Life Flight Helicopter land. We had to cover out eyes as it got closer to the ground because it was so windy.

Here is the Helicopter just after it had landed. Alex just kept saying "AWESOME", "This is Awesome"

We got to get close and talk with the pilots and Alex even asked for a ride. No go on that though but she can dream. Maybe one day she can become a Pilot if that is what she desires. Or maybe she will go on another trip somewhere and ride in a plane. Or if she is really lucky maybe her Uncle Nate will take her on her own personal ride.

The Helicopter most definitely stole the show but there was also an ambulance ( which she got to sit in ) a Police Motorcycle, a Police K-9 Car ( in which we got to meet Zues who was huge and beautiful and soft and so nice ) as well as a Hummer which had a sign that read "Forfeited From A Drunk Driver".

We happened to be in the right place at the right time on this Saturday morning and let me tell you it made my daughters day.

Grandma called from Germany and Alex took the phone out of my hand and had to tell her all about it. You could tell she was still so excited.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


Tina Fisher said...

That's awesome! You couldn't have planned it better if you tried! How's the pregnancy going?

Emily said...

That is pretty cool. I've always wanted to see a helicopter up close.

Stephanie said...

My Jacob would have gone crazy over that! It would have made his year!!!!! He's obsessed with what he calls "hero" things :)

Your little girl is absolutely precious! Love your blog!

All About Aleigha said...

Great timing! My nephew would have gone coo coo, he loves helicopters. Glad Alex had a good time.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How fun! That's great that she got to experience that. What a surprise!