Monday, September 21, 2009

This Is What She Thinks


I wouldn't say we are huge football fans but we do enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings and the new addition of Brett Favre.

My family had season tickets when I was growing up and I loved going to the games. The best games where the Vikings vs. Packers. You always saw extremely drunk fans and people getting kicked out of the game.

Well Alex wasn't thrilled with the game and thought it was the perfect chance to take a nap. We do catch her cheering for the Vikes every now and then.

I taught her to yell . .


But on this Sunday she was not impressed. We did win but the game was not that exciting.

A win is a win though and we are happy!



Lyr said...

These pictures are great! She is too cute. You are right… a win is a win!

Emily said...

I'm all about college football, but if I were watching pro, I'd be snuggled right up there with Alex!

Jessica said...

She is so precious! Sunday afternoons are perfect for naps anyway. Hope you are feeling ok!

dawn said...

she is soooooo sweet, look at that sweet angel so peaceful!!! i love to stare at my babies when they are sleeping! thanks for letting me take a peek at yours!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pics! She is so sweet! I feel the same way about football! I love our Steelers, but can't make it through the games...stresses me out too much! My husband and both kids love football, though!