Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bye . . Bye . . Bye

What do these pictures have in common?

That's right she has a nuk in her mouth in all the pictures above!

Well today we had a big issue while at work. Alex, Parker and Sophia where watching Dora. Alex had her nuk in so I took it away from her as she is only to have it at nap and bed time. Once I took it away she threw a huge fit, I let her do her thing and I sat on the ground. Once I sat down on the ground she ran at me and started pulling my hair with both hands as hard as she could yelling who knows what. It hurt so bad that I almost lost it, this was the first time that I wanted to yell, scream and pull her hair right back. The first time she had actually really hurt me on purpose. I stepped back for a few minutes and let her continue to throw her tantrum. I put her Nuk away and we will never see it again.

We are done with the Nuk. After the incident this morning there is no way that I can give it back to her. I talked to my husband and we are both on the same page that she will no longer have it. He is a lot stronger then me and she doesn't hit him or be mean to him like she does me.

She has asked for it a few times and I have stood strong and have told her multiple times why she no longer will have a nuk. She cried a little bit at nap time but then just talked herself to sleep.

Please, please think about us tonight as I know it will not be fun nor easy getting her to sleep without it. She is 2 1/2 years old and she doesn't need her nuk anymore.

I am the one that needs to hold my ground, be strong and just say no. I can and will do this. There is no turning back!


Stephanie said...

That's always so difficult but I totally see why after today that you can't give it back to her. I hope she has a good's a very good sign that she went to sleep without it at naptime!

Hope you can get some rest too...i find that more times than not we are too hard on ourselves..of course that's easy to point out but harder to stop :)

Candice said...

You go girl!!

Emily said...

I feel for you!! This was one of my scariest parenting moments...saying bye-bye to the passy! Hold your ground. With both my older two it only took about a day or two until it was completely forgotten about. I hope it's the same with Alex.