Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Craft Ideas

I have decided to pull together ideas for crafts to do for the upcoming months. We always do more projects in the winter time because its so cold here. It is also fun because there are so many Holidays and there are always lots of great ideas out there for Holiday Crafts.

Today we made Ghosts. We used toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, glue and little colored balls. It was super easy and the kids loved it. We then hung them up so they are floating ghosts!


Ghosts - black paper, white paint and sponges
Spiders - egg cartons, pipe cleaners, eyes, glitter and black paint
Pumpkins - orange and green paper, glue
Bags - brown paper bags, new paper adds, glue
Candy Corn - White paper, orange and yellow paint
Pumpkin - paper bag, new paper, string, orange paint
Witch Hat - Purple paper, black and purple paint
Cats - black paper, eyes, pipe cleaner

Turkey - brown and colored paper ( hand print ) - Circle with colored hand prints
Feather Headband - brown and colored paper
Leaves -
Apple - paint with apples
Glad Monster / Sad Monster - Book goes with it


Lights - Colored paper, green string
Candy Cane - Red and white paper and paint
Stockings - Paper, glitter, paint
Santa - red and white paper, cotton balls
Reindeer -

I need more ideas for November and December. Easy things as I am doing these with a 4 year old and 2 two year olds. So they can not cut stuff but love to do art projects. I would also love ideas for fun foods to make!

Not allowing me to upload pictures right now. Will try later!

Any help would be great.


Anonymous said...

I have a few links. I am not homeschooling or anything like these sites. Like you am looking for stuff for my 2 year old to also do.








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