Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow Man

Alex and my mom had fun on Wednesday when Alex spent the day with grandma. My mom captured these pictures of them making a Snowman and they explain Alex exactly.

Her personality shines in these pictures and I just love them!

This picture below is exactly Alex when she gets excited about something.

You can tell how happy she is with her creation.

and how proud she is that she made something with grandma!

When she came back to work to get ready to go home fro the day she had to show me on the camera. I was so excited about the pictures I had my mom give me her memory card so that I could blog about this great creation.



Mary said...

Bravo Miss Alex! She is such a cutie :)

Meant to be a mom said...

I love her snowman, Very good job. I also love her happy little face, what a doll.

Lyr said...

She is just too precious! Look how proud she is!!! :)

All About Aleigha said...

Marvelous masterpiece...i bet she has the cutest little personality.

stb said...

My DD makes that same "shoulders-scrunched-up-sweet-face" thing when she is so proud of herself too! Your DD is too cute!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm adding you to my google reader :-)