Friday, October 16, 2009


Where did this past week go?

It hasn't been one that I really want to remember, well ok that's a lie but Monday was a NIGHTMARE!

We had snow on the ground and snow was still falling. It was so pretty and I took some pictures of Alex out of the deck trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth. I already posted them but this one is my favorite!

Right after taking those pictures I loaded the kids up to head over to my best friend Anna's house to take some pictures of Sophia because she turned 2 on Tuesday! We wanted to do a fun shoot with a new tutu Anna had just gotten and with a cupcake. Anna was shooting as well and these are some of my favorites that she got, I edited them!

Well when we got there my camera wouldn't work. It would turn on, but it would not take a picture! WHAT THE BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!! I started freaking out and tried a new battery, a new lens, a new memory card but NOTHING! I called National Camera and spoke with a guy on the phone and he pretty much had told me that the shutter button ( the button I press to take the picture ) no longer works. I think I wore the thing out, over 75,000 pictures in 2 years might do that?

So I had no choice but to take it into Best Buy on Wed. night and send it out to service. The nice thing is, is that I have the extended warranty plan ( always get these things ) and it will be covered. THE CRAPPY thing is, is that it will take 2 - 4 weeks. I had no choice but to buy a low end camera ( the XS - kind of the same as mine but newer ) and use it for my photo shoots that I have this month and return it once MY camera comes back in.

I want a new camera but this IS NOT the one I want and I don't have the money to buy one right now. I guess I now know I NEED a backup camera. I can't risk this happening again. So as soon as I have the right amount of money to purchase the NEW CAMERA that I actually want, I will be doing it RIGHT AWAY!

As for now I am making do with this new camera. I had my 1st photo shoot with it last night and the pictures turned out Great! You will get a sneak peak soon!

Chad and Alex are heading back to North Dakota to see Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Eric. They will be mounting a new tv and running wires.

I will be home with a photo shoot on Saturday and 3 photo shoots on Sunday. I also have lots of burning, printing, mailing, and editing to get done.

Hope for nice weather on Sunday as all shoots are outdoors.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

UPDATE : Anonymous who are you?!?! You just recently started commenting on my blog or decided to go anonymous. I didn't have time to rent anything. turned my camera in on Wed and I had a shoot on Thursday night, and a bunch this weekend.

Best Buy used to have restocking fees but no longer do. They do only have a 15 day return policy but if you are a silver member from there Reward Zone program it extends it to 45 days. I worked at Best Buy for 4 years in the camera or cell phone area. What I am doing is not something I would recommend doing but it was and is my only option.


Anonymous said...

you can rent them from Nat Camera exchange.

Doesn't Best Buy have a restocking fee for returns?

Stephanie said...

Don't you just love anonymous people? :) They say whatever they want yet never post their names!

I'm sorry your camera messed up and you had to get one you're not so excited about! Sucks when something happens to our cameras...drives me insane! I hope it comes back sooner than you're expecting...that would be a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for bby too. I had not heard of that they changed their policy. I wasn't trying to be bitchy. Just helpful. Sorry if it didn't sound that way.