Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where Is Your Child?

Well right now my daughter is in North Dakota with her daddy visiting Grandma and Grandpa! I am sure they are having a blast while I am home in a much to quit house getting a lot of work done!

But yesterday is a different story. I had work to get done and bags to pack so I decided to let Alex play in the kitchen sink. I filled both up and let her pick out some of her toys to bring into the sink. I pulled up a nice chair and put some towels on it so she could reach the sink and have a good time playing with the warm water and her toys.

I had no intentions of her getting INTO the sink.

About 20 minutes after she had been playing ( I was in the office so I could hear what she was doing and I would check on her every so often to fill up more water or wipe up some of her spills ) she yells to me


I came out into the kitchen and this is what I see

Alex had taken off her outfit off and gotten into the sink.

When I came around the corner all I could do was laugh and say your in the sink. These where the faces I got from her because she was so proud of herself.

She was having a great time and loved that she was in there playing with her toys and spilling water all over the place.

I let her play in there for about 20 more minutes and then we got out and cleaned up the water mess that was all over.

The mess was so worth it.

She had a blast, I got some work done and these pictures are priceless!

Just another great story for us to remember Alex amazing personality!


Emily said...

At least she took her clothes off first! Smart girl!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, What a cute and hilarious story. I would have laughed too. She felt like a mini bath mom. Come on whats wrong with that :)
So funny. I'm glad she enjoyed herself.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

OMG, that is hilarious!