Monday, October 26, 2009

Whose Stubborn?

That would be our Child!
Yes that's right this little one growing inside of me is Stubborn.

She or He was breech and had its butt / private areas up against the placenta. We couldn't see anything. She got all the measurements she could and then let me go to the bathroom in hopes that the baby would have shifted, but nope this baby is staying put. The Ultrasound Tech had my roll on each side, tilted the table back as much as she could, and was jabbing at my belly and still no moving.

Well the babies arms and legs where moving and kicking but he / she was staying in it's main position. Most be one nice comfy position!

Everything looked great with the baby and that is what really matters. We don't have a level II Ultrasound scheduled like we had to have with Alex witch is nice. The baby measured right on track with a March 20th due date.

The OBGYN said everything looked great. My numbers and everything about my pregnancy was going great. She did ask if I had felt any contractions and when she mentioned it I thought she was nuts, this early on. But I think I have felt a few and that just seems odd to me.

I have to this date lost a total of 12 pounds but did gain 2 pounds this month from the 4 weeks prior. So we are on the right track but I hope to not gain much more weight then I have already lost. There's to WISHFUL thinking.

The good news is, because the baby was positioned so weird and would not move we go back in on Friday for another ultrasound and please, please, please BABY SHOW YOUR STUFF!!

Sorry to let you all down, I know everyone was so excited, as where we but the baby is healthy and that's what matters the most!


Emily said...

Oh bummer. I have heard thought that it's usually girls who are "shy" like that! ;) Hope you find out next time! Drink a lot of caffeine..always worked for me.
So glad he/she is healthy though. You're right...that's all that really matters!

All About Aleigha said...

A healthy baby is the most important but it's always nice to find out. I hope he/she cooperates Friday. Good Luck!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm glad everything looked good and yes I'm a little bummed we don't find out the sex today but maybe Friday. Come on Friday!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute little baby! Hopefully he/she won't be as stubborn next time!

Candice said...

Congrats on a healthy baby, you're right that's all that matters!

Stephanie said...

Little stinker!!!! Hope he/she will move for Friday so we can find out the wonderful news but if not then we'll just wait until March I guess. Nothing like a huge surprise , right? :)

<3 Stormy said...

Hey hop on over to my blog to get your award!

dawn said...

oh i know "the planner" inside of you is so disappointed!!! but praise God for a healthy baby! that is what matters the most!! hopefully baby will be in a different position and you will know for sure on or blue!!!

Jessica said...

Oh man! Well at least he/she is healthy...and you get to get another peek on Friday!