Monday, November 9, 2009

13 Years From Now

We might be running for our lives . . or at least staying off the streets!

These girls won't be driving a battery operated Barbie VW but instead they will have a real divers licenses and they may even have there own cars. We don't want to think that many years ahead though and we like the idea of the battery operated Barbie VW. We like the idea that we can stop them, catch them and keep are eye on them at any or all times.

One of Alex best friends Keylee turns 3 on Thursday. I took her pictures on Halloween weekend and they turned out great.

Keylee had a family birthday party this past Sunday and she got her own car. She was so excited and Alex was just as excited when she saw Keylee driving up our driveway to pick her up! Alex jumped right in and on they went.

They loved going down the hill because the car went a lot faster that way.

Keylee was nice enough to let Alex have a turn driving. There where a few moments when we thought they might hit a car, try to go off roading or tip it over.

But they lived and they loved it. Alex can't wait to get out there again and take it for another ride.

I am thinking Alex might need/want one for her Birthday!

We hope Keylee had a great Birthday Party and can't believe she is already 3!


Anna said...

Oh how cute! Looks like they're having a blast :)

Meant to be a mom said...

That looks like so much fun. I loved my barbie car when I was little.