Tuesday, November 10, 2009

21 Weeks

UPDATE: THIS POST WAS WRITTEN YESTERDAY ( and yes I now I am a few days late )

Another week has come and gone . . Another week has started . .

I am so glad to be 21 weeks and as much as I think I might like being pregnant the main part of me knows its rough, hard and takes a lot out of me.

The belly and the baby are most definitely growing. The kicks and taps are getting a lot stronger and more frequent. I feel them the most in the morning or at night while I am laying in bed. Just those little kicks make all the rough parts worth it.

My energy is coming back, I am feeling more like myself but just with a bigger belly. I love having the belly, I think a pregnant belly is so cute! I think I will be doing actual pictures this time around but not until 7 or 8 months.

The baby room is almost complete. My husband put together the changing table this weekend and now I am in search of the perfect baskets for it. I will take pictures once we have everything figured out and put where it belongs.

I felt weak, lightheaded and dizzy today. It lasted for several hours and I am so glad it has passed.

I think we have it narrowed down to 3 girl names. Boy names, I have never heard of those! We are so far off on boy names it really sucks. Any ideas on boy names?!

Here is a collage of the past 3 weeks. Is there a difference, I don't know my belly just looks funny. I need to get better at taking the exact same picture in the same direction!


Anna said...

Lookin' good! I wouldn't dare post a picture of my bare belly (stretch marks!)! Yours looks good though. :)

Tell me about it, I have no idea on a boy name - and that's a problem because he'll be here before we know it!

Mary said...

Very cute!

I am going to make a guess and say you are having a girl. I could be wrong but I am going to have that be my guess. You look like you are carrying low.

Hope you are feeling ok. Try to get some mommy time if you can. :)

<3 Stormy said...

saw your girl names! Addilyn is my favorite! Alex and Addy. it flows so well!

and I like Soren from your boy list.
It's unique but not weird.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You look great! I love baby bumps!
Boys names are so hard. Dylan was the only name in the entire book that we agreed on. When we were having #2, we had Logan or Caden picked out for a boy. Logan was taken by a good friend, and Caden is iffy, so we are stuck if we ever have another boy. I loved the name Westin, but my DH wasn't a fan. I also love Cullen.