Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Half Way Mark

20 Weeks marks the half way point

Seriously time is flying by and I am loving it. This hasn't been the best pregnancy but the one thing I love about both of my pregnancies is that time goes by so fast. Yes there are some fun things about being pregnant but really I just want really want to meet this little one that we now call stubborn!

There are two things different this week then the past and that is that one, the baby is starting to kick a lot more and a lot harder. More often during the day and for longer periods of time. That is one thing I love about being pregnant, I love when the baby gives me a little nudge and just lets me know he or she is there. The other thing that is different is that I am noticing Braxton Hicks Contractions a whole lot more. They are stronger and lasting longer and sometimes uncomfortable.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best. Next week I will do a collage and compare weeks 19, 20 and 21.

UPDATE 1 : Alex has peed on the potty 5 times today and pooped twice. I think she is so close to being fully potty trained. She doesn't want to wear diapers and she loves wearing big girl undies. We are so proud of her accomplishments today and can't wait to not have to put her in diapers.

UPDATE 2 : We are still NUK free, she has asked for it a few times and today she didn't get a nap so she was extremely tired tonight. She just fell asleep and was crying for her nuk. This is the first time since we took it away that she cried for her nuk and cried herself to sleep.

Chad and I could not be more proud of Alex and how much of a big girl she has become!


The Bee Hive said...

Look at your tiny little belly. Jealous! I hope you eventually get to find out who that little one is!

JennyMac said...

You are SO cute. Congratulations.

Emily said...

You look awesome! Thanks for posting belly shots! :)