Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2009

Cutest Little Bug Fluttering Around Town!

What a fun filled night we had. It was a little chilly but there was no rain or snow so we can't really complain. I bundled up in my winter snow suit and was ready to go out for the night. We got some great pictures of Alex before we went outside. We loaded her up with layers and layers so she would not get cold. The Layers would include a turtle neck, sweat shirt, tights, pants, booties, hood, lady bug hat, costume and her gloves. She never once complained she was cold.

We went out with all of our neighbors. They hooked a trailer to the back of the riding lawn mower and decorated it. We had 4 families total which combined 7 kids and 4 adults. We walked, we rode, we ran, we skipped! We made our way to close to 25 homes.

Alex was so cute running from house to house saying "trick o treat" and "thank you". She made me smile and laugh the most when she would say "On to the next house".

It was so much fun watching her and just noticing how much she has changed in the last year and how independent she truly is. I had a smile on my face the entire time because she was just so cute and just had so much energy and personality out there. She made it longer then any of the other young ones and she only had to be held towards the end.

Grandma Char came up during the afternoon to spend some time with Alex and play. Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Mick came up in the afternoon and are here for the weekend. Alex just loves spending time with her grandparents.

We had 43 costumed kids come knocking at our door. Once we where back form making our rounds Alex loved to answer the door and give away LOTS of candy to each little goblin!
We hope everyone else had as much fun as we did on Halloween!


Verna said...

Oh, what fun. Living in an apartment, and no really close children around here. We didn't have a one.

But that sure does and did sound like a lot of fun.

Emily said...

She's the cutest bug I ever saw! Looked like y'all managed to have fun and stay warm too. But hey, where are the belly shots you promised us? :)

Tina Fisher said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! It is amazing what a year does isn't it!

Candice said...


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures! She looks so cute!