Friday, November 20, 2009

It's A Mess

My head is that is . . I mean its going 100 miles per hour or more. I have so many thoughts and random things going on in there right now its hard to keep everything straight. I just sent my mother in law an email that was meant to be short but took me 20 minutes to type and it went all over the place.

I am going off of 4 hours of sleep. I went with my Best Friend Anna to the New Moon Midnight Showing last night and didn't get home until 3am. The movie was amazing, great, wonderful but not perfect. Books can never be as good as the movie because there just isn't enough time. I loved it, so many beautiful people and so much action. I was said they left out a lot of the tribe that I was hoping to see as that was mainly what the book was about. After last night I might just be a TEAM JACOB FAN but know that Edward and Bella should be together. Ok enough about that . . I plan to see if a few more times in the theater because its AMAZING. Read the books and see the movies, you will love it.

Other things that are on my mind ( get ready for a list )

  • Alex Blog Book ( Carrie over at 4 the love of family ) is pulling this together and almost done. We are meeting tomorrow to go over everything and then she is placing the order on Monday. I am so excited for this as it is the 1st 2 years of Alex life from this blog. I have a few more things to pull together and I keep thinking of new things but know I can't have everything in there. It will already be over 250 pages.
  • Thanksgiving - my dads side of the family has just now decided that we are sticking with the Yearly traditions and not changing things up. I am waiting to hear what I can bring and can't wait to see everyone. There is over 50 people on my dads side, not everyone will there but it is a large group to cook a sit down meal for. We will also go to my moms after we leave my aunts and my mom will make us an amazing dinner. This one will be a lot smaller as this year it will be 8 people at the most, which will be nice but we will miss my other siblings. AND THEN Chads family will come in late that night and we will do Thanksgiving dinner with them on Friday. I just bought a 22lb turkey as I love leftovers!
  • The baby - my mom found me some baskets that I had been looking for ( she finally found some that I like and will work ) and I started putting the stuff in there and making a list of things we will still need. I put in both boy and girl stuff and I have collected a few boy things that will work even though most is pink. If it is a boy I will have a lot of packing up and selling to do. The room is a mess and I will do a post about the baby and the room and my pregnancy tomorrow. I know I skipped last week and that was because we where out of town and I was shooting a wedding.
  • Photography - how can I land more weddings, how can I get my name out there more without spending a fortune on advertising, when will my husband make me the boxes I have been asking for, for my props s well as EDITING lots and lots of EDITING.
  • My phone, the tracker ball keeps falling off and soon i wont be able to find it anymore and then my phone will be worthless.
  • Christmas Shopping - I have ideas for everyone just need to order and go purchase. I am done with Alex and even have a few things for her birthday ( Fleet Farm Toy Land Is Amazing ). I have a few things that I need to order and I really need to complete them and place the order before its too late.
That's about it, there are other things but just small minor details that get pushed to the side. Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has a fun weekend planned!

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Tina Fisher said...

You are a busy woman!

You'll have to show us a few pages of your book from Carrie! I saw she won Alpahbity Moments!

Maybe you'll have to get a string and wear your phone around you neck? J/ happens to me all the time!

Do you have a website or blogsite for juts your photogrpahy? Would that help in advertising?

Hope you have a great weekend! Sounds like next week/weekend will be filled with a lot of yum yum turkey dinners!!! :)