Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not As Hard As I Thought

Last year taking Alex Christmas pictures was a task at hand. We did them at my moms house and I think my mom was running all over while I waited to capture the perfect shot.

This year was 100% different. Alex is used to the camera and she is starting to take direction well ( when she wants to ). I asked her on the way home if she would like to take pictures tonight before dinner and she said yes. I still don't have her outfit for Christmas picked out 100% but I had enough stuff to take the pictures and make it work.

She listened, she posed, she yelled, she jumped, she danced, she gave me goofy looks, SHE DID PERFECT!

The top collage is filled with my favorite pictures. I adore and love them. They are perfect and she just looks stunning. One, two or three of those pictures will be our Christmas Card this year!

I did a vintage texture to them and I like it. It's different but its fun and funky and looks neat!

The collage above are some of my other favorites. They show her personality. We worked on posing and she didn't really know how to put her hands on her hips with out pushing her stomach forward. She really let her personality shine in these photos.

I wasn't sure what all I got while I was taking them but I knew I had gotten a few good ones. To my surprise I got some GREAT ones! I may try a black background for some fun or even some outdoor ones or some pictures at my moms house.

I have another outfit that I am going to try that's just fun, not for Christmas at all. I am having Alex blog turned into a book and I need to find the picture picture for the cover. One of these might be it or it might have to be another photo session. I need to capture that perfect picture that lets her personality shine. Almost exactly like 4th image in the 1st collage. That is truly my daughter ( crazy, wild, loud, spunky and goofy ).

Hope everyone else is having fun thinking about and getting ready for the Holidays because I know I sure am! I have started to think about shopping and have my list of what I am thinking about getting the people we buy gifts for.

You can click on the images to make them larger. I have to decide what to use for our Christmas Card!


Shay said...

Great shots! We need to get our Christmas photos done soon!
By the way, I love the names Holden and Addilyn. My little ones name is addison and we call her addy too :-)

Meant to be a mom said...

Great pics of Alex. She's a natural little model for you. I'm glad she did well this year.

I just printed my entire blog out last week so I could keep the memories of my treatments and pregnancy. The journey to our son. I love the idea of making a cover for it. So sweet.

Kelly said...

Great pictures Erin! Love the expressions in the second collage! :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! You do great work. I love Christmas pictures!! I am getting so excited for Christmas and all the fun that goes with it like Christmas cards, baking, wrapping gifts, shopping, and spending time with loved ones! Have a great weekend.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Very cute pics! I plan on making my blog into a book next year, as well! I hope you get that perfect picture!