Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Sneak Peak . .

Below is just a sneak peak and what one of my friends has been working on for me. I love having talented, creative friends like Kelly who can come to my rescue when I can't find a Christmas Card online that I love or that is insanely over priced. She is working on another one that I think will be the one. I won't be posting that one until closer to Christmas time. I love sending out Christmas Cards and I LOVE receiving them. I was going to have to cut back my list this year because the cards are just so expensive but if I can make them and print them myself that will save me close to 50%, which is huge!

Kelly is over at 2 Kids a Mini Van and A Lot Of Love, she also has her own business! Go check out her blog she does amazing work!

Thanks Kelly For All Your Hard Work The Last Few Days!!