Thursday, December 10, 2009

100 Days

Or Less is what we have until we meet our little one. This stubborn boy or girl that is growing and moving and having hiccups and bouncing on my bladder day in and day out!

Can you believe it?

100 DAYS

It doesn't seem right and I can't believe that tomorrow I will be in the double digits. I mean don't get me wrong, I am super excited and only hope that these last 100 days go by as fast as the rest of this pregnancy has.

I have invited my husband of course, my mom, my best friend Anna ( who will photograph everything, well not everything because that would be gross in my eyes ), my sister in law Heather and hopefully my mother in law to be there during the birth.

Is that to many people? Is there a limit on how many people can be in the room? I don't know if my sister in law will be there and I am not sure about my Mother in Law because they live far away.

I want my husband to announce if the baby is a BOY or GIRL ( not sure he wants to do that )! It seems as though most people are betting on boy, but I am thinking girl.

Not sure who will watch Alex yet. Will have to figure that out as the time gets closer.

Might think about packing my bags as I think I should have them in the car just in case I go into labor when I am working. Which is actually my biggest fear! At a indoor or outdoor play area with 4 kids and my water breaks, MAN WOULD THAT BE FUN!

My water did break with Alex, so I am thinking it will break with this one. Once my water broke with Alex the contractions got extremely worse extremely fast. I am glad that the Hospital where I will deliver this baby is in between work and home.

I am thinking about putting together a calendar for some of my friends and photography clients. Letting them pick the date and time they think I will deliver. Letting them pick boy or girl. Whoever is closest wins a free photography sessions?!?! How should I narrow it down. Just date and what they think it will be? Is this a good idea?

Now my mind is wandering. I want to get Alex a cute big sister shirt. I need to look on Etsy!

My goodness 100 days!

I am sure I have 100 things to do, buy or get ready before this baby comes. I better make a list and start getting things done!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Don't stress out yet! You will get everything done! :)
I'm not sure what the limit is on how many people can be in the room. It probably varies, according to hospital rules and doctor's preferences. I would ask at your next appointment! I had my husband, mom, and MIL in the room when I had Dylan. With Lexie, the same 3 were going to be in there, along with my best friend, but due to Lexie's high heartrate, everybody but my husband and mom were kicked out! My BF was going to photograph, too, so that part sucked!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am glad the baby and you are doing well and feeling well. I pray everything continues to go smoothly.