Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fast Than The Speed Of Sound

The pilot training syllabus at ENJJPT has one story out of about a hundred dedicated to supersonic flight. In the briefing prior to the flight, the instructor recommended I bring a roll of pennies or something small as a souvenir. He added that in over 1000 hours in the F-15 he had only broke the sound barrier a handful of times. While I didn't like the idea of pennies, I brought the pictures I had hanging in my dorm at the time. The picture enclosed ( above ) has traveled faster than the speed of sound.

- Nate
February 28th, 2008

I opened this letter when I got home today from work and the tears started to flow. I am already emotional because of this pregnancy but to know that he chose a picture of our family as one of his pictures just puts a smile on my face.

We miss Uncle Nate and wish he was going to be home for the Holidays. We hope to see Auntie Heather though as we miss her as well!

We are always thinking about you Nate and hope you are Safe and enjoying yourself over there! We can't wait for you to come home and we really can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

I will continue to keep Nate in my prayers. I know you are very proud of him and his service. I pray he has a safe and speedy return and appreciate his service to our country.

Becca said...

AWe <3 that is so sweet! Your blog is super cute and so is Miss Alex! Congrats on baby #2!