Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Little Of This

And A Little Of That.

  • I mentioned my friend Carrie passing away last Wed. morning. She left behind this gorgeous little 3 year old girl Brooklyn. People are coming together to show there love and supper, even those that never knew these two or there family. People are sending in $1.00 ( or more ) or just saying a prayer. The $1.00 will be put into a trust fund for Brooklyn. I don't have many followers and I have never asked any of you to donate money, as I don't intend to now. I was just simply asked to pass this along, and that I can do. Ever little girl deserves her mommy and Brooklyns mommy was taken way to early.
  • And Lately I have had the opportunity to snap some pictures of all of these little cuties. Two are siblings, can you tell which two? The others are the only little ones in the family but one will be a big sister shortly after Alex will become a big sister. One is one of Alex best friends and she came over spare of the moment and we got some great pictures of her. One shed tears, one wouldn't sit still, 2 still have yet to figure out how to crawl, and a bunch of them showed me there best poses and smiles.
Have I mentioned how much I love shooting babies and children and just how completely different each shoot is. Not one shoot is the same, some tricks work on multiple children and some tricks don't work at all but patience is a must.
  • On Saturday we went to Disney On Ice with my mom. I took lots of pictures and then didn't upload them and formatted my memory cards for my photo shoots that I had that night and the next weekend. We had fun, it was 2 hours so kind of long. Alex doesn't know all the princesses yet but she has already asked a few times when she gets to go back to Disney On Ice.

  • Only two more Christmas Presents to Purchase. I can not believe Christmas is 10 days from today. We will be heading to North Dakota on the 24th and be there through the weekend. We can not wait to spend time with family.
  • Uncle Eric and Grandma and Grandpa Schuler might come down this weekend. We hope they do as we love spending time with them. They might bring the snow mobile down and now that we finally have snow we can ride it. Chad and Alex went to the City Hall yesterday and got trail maps so he knows where to go. Alex and I will just ride around the yard!
  • Last night we made dipped pretzels as a family. Alex had fun throwing them into the white chocolate and saying "Made It" or "I Missed". She also loved adding sprinkles and most of all eating them.
  • Today marks 95 days. I can't believe it and I am loving the double digit days. This baby seems a lot more calm then Alex and I don't feel him or her move nearly as much. When he/she does move its always jumping on my bladder, which I just love. I will have a belly update again this weekend marking 27 weeks.
Hope everyone is having a great week. Its -1 degree out with a crazy windshield today, so we are staying in driving each other crazy! We finger painted and are building forts. Lunch and nap time soon!


Jessica said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That has to be so hard for her little girl. I will keep her family in my prayers.

Man, it is super cold there! I live in Mississippi & we think it's freezing when it drops below 50! haha

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. That's awful.

We are thinking we need to make princesses on ice happen soon, too.

Stephanie said...

See I've been so out of the loop and you've been such a wonderful friend supporting me and yet you were going through something yourself. I am SO sorry about your friend. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think about her little girl and the fact that her mommy is gone. That's enough to bring me to tears! and right here at Christmas at that. Things just aren't fair in life sometimes-I wish I understood it!

I'm praying for her little girl and for all of you as I know that you will make sure you're always there for her-so precious!

You're doing a great job on the pictures...I just love your work!

Candi said...

so sorry about your friend. lots of prayers coming brooklyn's way.

where did you get your angel wings? i am looking to buy a set.