Monday, December 28, 2009

My husband

Spent a lot of his time snow blowing over our Christmas weekend. He was awake by 6am 2 days ( while we were on vacation, you would have thought he would have wanted to sleep in ) and had 3 driveways and part of the road cleared by 8am when I awoke. If the driveways were clear, he would find something some were to snow plow.

Minnesota and North Dakota both got A LOT of snow. I MEAN A LOT of snow. It wasn't fun or safe to drive in. We were very lucky Chad got off work early on Wed night and were able to leave about 3 hours before we had planned. The drive wasn't as bad as we thought but a lot of people had to change there Christmas plans because of the weather.

We were also lucky that none of our plans had to change and we were able to see all of the family we had planned on. We even got to see a few extras because there flights out of Minnesota/North Dakota were canceled. We were sad they didn't make it to the Christmas they had planned but we enjoyed there company.

Not only did my husband spend a lot of time snow blowing but he also spent a lot of time on the Snow Mobile. he lives for this kind of stuff, in the summer he is always out in the yard working and in the winter he loves to find stuff to do outside. he wont let me mow the lawn because my lines aren't straight and don't line up. Our neighbors were so nice and kind and had our driveway cleared off so when we got home we could get into our garage, but my husband of course had to go out this morning and clean up the lines and make sure it looked nice ( i wish he was like this with things inside our house ).

We weren't able to build any snowmen yet but Alex had plenty of time to play ( eat the snow ) outside with grandma. I of course made it outside to snap a bunch of pictures and then made it back inside to a warm house. I was lucky enough that my husband actual looked at me and gave me a nice smile from time to time while I taking pictures ( a lot of pictures, I left out the ones of his butt ).
Uncle Eric helped for a little while and Chad even showed him the right way to snow blow. Eric had to take the snow blower up to Nates house and clear some paths. I don't even want to know what that looked like after a few days of being gone and snow just pouring down.

We love the snow. I love all the white all around and it sure wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't snow on the ground. It is scary to drive in however and I am glad my husband is a great driver. I feel safe with him driving and know that we are in good hands. But there are some crazy drives out there ( the one in front of us for awhile on our way to grandma and grandpas ).

So here is a document of how my husband spent many hours on our Christmas Break. I know he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Thanks Honey, I know your mom and dad really appreciated it.

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Tina Fisher said...

You've got a great hubby! A keeper for sure!