Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Potty Training

Well we aren't 100% into potty training but we are getting there. I feel Alex is 100% ready now to be completely done with diapers I just need to be 100% committed and that I tend to do when we spend the next 5 days at Grandma and Grandpa Schulers house for Christmas.

It all started with my husband calling me last Wednesday saying that we ( mainly meaning I ) needed to go cold turkey on the diapers and never turn back. EXCUSE ME?!?! I thought he was insane and out of line. I am with her every day of the week but Mondays. He has it easy, 1 day of week and they stay at HOME all day long.

I am always on the go, always moving around and taking the kids places. When you are in the car and on the move its not that easy to potty train. Plus it was 1 week before Christmas and I had things planned and a lot of stuff to get done and shop for.

But I did it, on Friday we had no diaper on and we had no accident. She peed and pooped on the potty. She even peed in the bathroom at the Chinese Restaurant we ate at which really surprised me.

Then on Saturday I had to force her to pee before we got into the car to drive an hour and a half to go to Chads aunts house to bake all day. She did go pee and I did put a diaper on her in the car because I didn't want to risk the accident in the car and having to stop. Once we got there I had to chase her down and force her to take her diaper off. She went without a diaper all day, never peed and never peed her pants. THIS GIRL CAN CONTROL HER BLADDER. Grandma and I had to make her sit on the potty before we left to head back home. I did put the diaper back on her in the car as I knew she would sleep the entire way home.

Sunday was a little different because she was going to see the reindeer with my mom and step dad and we pretty much had to wake her and get her ready to leave and she was not a happy camper. So that kind of set us back a little.

Monday my husband had her without the diaper on and she had peed on the potty once during the day. She then peed on the potty again when i got home and she pooped on the potty that night.

Today she has peed on the potty 2 times so far and no poop. I took her to the mall without a diaper on but she started to complain her stomach hurt so I decided to put the diaper on her while we where at the mall because I didn't want a big nasty mess while we where playing or shopping.

We do have one issue though, she doesn't want to wear underwear now. That's how we used to get her to not wear a diaper because she loved the underwear. Now she wants nothing to do with the underwear and I have just been letting her only wear pants because I want to be done with diapers.

SHE IS SO INDEPENDENT. She wants no help at all and she doesn't even want you in the bathroom with her when she is peeing or pooping. This girl would like a little privacy please ( if only she would give me privacy when I have to use the bathroom ). She will yell at me to "GET OUT" but as soon as she is done she wants to show you and is so proud of herself. I don't mind the privacy, I actually like that she will go into the bathroom by herself, shut the door and do her business. I do wish I could catch on video how she gets on to the potty because it is funny and cute.

I am hoping that spending 5 days at grandma and grandpas house and not having to travel very far and being able to change her whenever needed that we can go these 5 days without diapers. Do we stop with the diapers at nap time? Do we stop with the diapers at night time? Do we stop with the diapers in the car?

The next post to come will be about the baby that is most definitely growing inside my belly and has the hiccups as I type.


All About Aleigha said...

Yay Alex. I hope your potty training is a success over the holidays. Merry Christmas!

Meant to be a mom said...

Alex, I'm so happy for you being such a big girl. Good for her doing so well with the potty training. Cracks me up that she won't wear panties and that she yells at you to get out. She is so funny.

Can't wait to hear an update on the baby.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like the training is going really well! I would hold off on letting her go diaperless at naps and bedtime. It takes a bit longer for them to be completely night trained. What I would do is switch to pull ups and refer to them as her nighttime underwear. I keep a potty in the back of our car for emergency stops. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

It's very easy for hubbys to say we need to do things! Because they aren't the ones that have to do it :)

I'm going to start with Caleb after Christmas-he'll be turning 3 three days after so it's time. I dread it but it sure will be nice to have only one in diapers!