Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Little One

27 Weeks and 3 days

That's how far along I am and man those weeks have just come and gone. I love it, I love the Holidays and I love how fast they make my pregnancy go.

I head into the Dr. on the 31st of December for my 28 week appointment and to do the glucose test. I am not worried about it as it didn't affect me while I was pregnant with Alex so I don't feel it will affect me with this one.

I do believe that after this appointment I will be going every 2 weeks, which seems unreal to me and I really don't want to be at the Dr. every 2 weeks.

Also hitting 28 weeks marks the start of the 3rd trimester . . ARE YOU SERIOUS!

This baby moves at random. There are days where it moves all the time and then there are days where I don't feel it move but once or twice.

This baby is still very good at jumping on my bladder and making me wet my pants a little. On the car ride home from work this afternoon I promise you he/she thought she/he was jumping on a trampoline. I tried to remind him/her that it was most definitely my bladder, not a trampoline.

I have been throwing up the past 2 mornings, which is very annoying.

The baby has been getting hiccups a few times a day, which can be annoying!

The babies room is pretty much complete. Once we find out the sex and we name the baby I do have to buy lettering, paint it and hang it.

A few other things I would like before the baby comes :

Diapers ( huggies ) - Size 1 - 3

Similac Advanced Formula - As Many Cans As We Can Get

Born Free Glass Bottles - 5 oz ( 6 of them ) and 9 oz ( 6 of them )

Blankets - The Miracle Blanket

Baby Video Monitor - Summer Infant Day and Night Video Monitor

Double Stroller - There are 3 that I have picked out and they really range in prices.

1. Mia Moda - Compagno
2. Joovy - Ergo Caboose
3. Phil and Ted ( IN MY DREAMS )

Those are the main things that are needed before this baby comes! I did put together a registry at Babies R Us. We are not having any baby showers that I know of except I do believe my friend Anna wants to throw one maybe after the baby is born. It wouldn't be exactly a shower but a lunch with some of my friends or a small get together. For you who have 2 or more kids, do you have showers for the 2nd or 3rd baby?

Well that's the update on the baby :)

Thanks Honey For Taking the Pictures For Me This Time!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I don't really take many pregnant pictures...I am always hiding behind something. I usually take one or two to show them once they're bigger. You look beautiful!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! It does go by so fast doesn't it?

Stephanie said...

You are looking gorgeous! I just love the baby bump-makes me want to be pregnant again :)

I had a shower with my first boy and then with the second and third I didn't. Then when we got pregnant with Allie I had one because I had NOTHING for a girl! :)

Meant to be a mom said...

You look great. I can't believe its already time for you to be in the 3rd trimester. Time is flying your right.

The people I know with 2 or more kids do have showers. But they usually have smaller more intimate showers for the 2nd and 3rd.

Emily said...

Good luck w/ the Glucose. I had issues with that every. single. time. And wound up with big babies no matter what!