Friday, December 25, 2009

A White Christmas

A Winter Wonder Land Is What The Frozen Tundra Looks Like This Christmas!

And we wouldn't have it or want it any other way. The snow is so pretty, the drifts are over 4 feet high and we love this White Winter Land!

We made it safe to North Dakota where we will spend Wednesday - Sunday with Chads Family. We will see grandparents, great grandparents and cousins. We will eat lots of food, watch lots of movies and hopefully play some games.

My husband has already snow-blowed at least 6 drive ways and has been out on the snow mobile a few different times. Grandma and I took Alex sledding for the 1st time down a big hill at the park. She didn't last long but she had a lot of fun.

I did find a surprise in my boot as I was getting ready to go outside. A Nuk was hiding in my boot from who knows when and Alex thought it was pretty funny and we had to throw it right into the garbage.

We went to Church on Christmas Eve and then headed over to Great Grandma and Grandpa Schulers house. I will have pictures from both of those events later on. Today we are just hanging out at Grandma and Grandpas house and watching movies and staying warm. Tomorrow we will head to Grandma Ettens to celebrate Christmas with Grandmas side of the family.

P.S. - Alex is doing great with the potty training. She is diaper free and knows when she has to go to the bathroom ( both poop and pee ). We had one accident yesterday and that was my fault, I put underwear on her. If she wears underwear I think she feels like she has padding and can pee in it. We are going underwear free right now until she is more aware of the feeling. I am so excited for her and she is so excited about not wearing a diaper.



Mary said...

Erin I LOVE her snow pants! Where did you get them?

Tina Fisher said...

What fun to have snow! We managed to get of three outside. One was happy, one was not.

Glad the potty training is going so well!