Monday, January 18, 2010

In The Winter

We try to get outside as much as we can but living in the Frozen Tundra it just sometimes is impossible. This past weekend we had great weather and Alex got to help daddy with some stuff around the yard.

She helped him shovel off the drive way, lay salt on the ice, clean off the deck and start a fire!

Our 3rd stall garage has collected lots and lots of stuff like this below that my husband is carrying. So he decided it was nice enough to start a fire and burn all of the junk that was taking over.

Alex enjoyed watching the fire and being out there with her daddy.

Not only did she help her daddy but she helped me a lot with laundry! I think in all I did close to 8 loads of laundry this weekend.

I would put the socks together and Alex would put them in either mommy or daddy's drawer. She would also throw away the ones that had holes in them.

She enjoys helping around the house when we ask her and she does a great job! I need to take advantage of this more and sometimes forget to ask her to help.

We had a somewhat low key weekend. I will have a baby update coming next! I need to have my husband take some pictures tonight when I get home so it wont be posted until then or tomorrow.

Alex and I met my mom at Once Upon A Child and I got Alex a bunch of stuff for summer at great prices. I am starting to love that place and have been lucky to find a bunch of great things for her for summer. Nothing is ever over $8.00 and that is even high for that place.

Alex now owns something from Mini Boden and Hanna Anderson but I spent $6.00 or under on them used but looking new. If I would have bought them new they would have been anywhere from $30.00 to $60.00! That makes me happy :)

Does anyone else love a used Child's Clothing Store?


Jessica said...

Can't wait for the baby update! Oh & I love Once Upon a Child! I actually went there Friday & bought a couple things for Averly.

Paige said...

The pictures are precious, what a big helper she is! I love children consignment stores. Have you ever heard of Lil Angels Attic Sales that churches put on? I go to that twice a year, and it is amazing!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you got to go outside!
Alex sounds like a great helper!