Saturday, January 23, 2010

Itchy Feet

And Growing Pains . .
The itchy feet ( and hands ) belong to me and the growing pains ( her legs ) belong to Alex.

We had a rough start to the week when it came to the night time. I was having serious issues with my feet and hands itching. There was 2 nights were I was up for 3 hours during the night itching away at my feet ( and sometimes hands ). They aren't dry and it feels like they itch from the inside out. They really start to itch when my feet get warm/hot. It really only makes it worse to itch them but it feels SO good. No matter how much lotion, bag balm, or scrubbing I do, it doesn't seem to help.

For example: last night we went out to dinner for my moms birthday and I wore my black boots ( like uggs ) and towards the end of dinner my feet got really hot and started to itch extremely bad. When we got home I itched them for about 45 minutes and thank goodness they didn't really bug me the rest of the night.

If you have any ideas on how to stop this or calm it down that would be amazing. I will be talking to my doctor about it more when I go in on Friday.

Now on to Alex and her growing pains. The same two nights I was awake for 3 hours Alex came into our room crying and complaining her leg was hurting and she wanted it rubbed. She has done this a few times and I just had to rub it until she fell asleep. Even though she was asleep she would still cry in her sleep and moan.

Chad and I both had bad growing pains when we where younger. We remember them though and Alex is too young to remember these. Is it common for almost 3 year olds to get growing pains? Is there anything we can do besides rub her legs when she says they hurt? I hated going through them and I can only imagine that they are going to get much worse as she gets older.

I just feel so bad when she is in pain and there really isn't much we can do for her. We try to explain to her about growing pains and how she is so active so her legs hurt when she has had a very busy day. I am sure she doesn't really understand what we are saying but at least we can try explain it!

So that is how are week started. Not getting much sleep because of itchy feet and growing pains.

Also, aren't these pictures cute? My stepbrother Ross took these of Alex on New Years Eve and she is totally working her poses!


Verna said...

Oh,no. I cannot immagine having my feet itch like that.

Hope they can give you something for it.

I do not remember having growing pains. Don't remember my coworkers children having them either. My daughter used to just go to bed and sleep extra long, and when she got up would be taller.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That dress she is wearing is seriously cute!
I remember having growing pains as a young teenager, but not as a child. I'm sure it's possible, though.
I've never had the itchy feet during pregnancy. That sounds awful. I hope your doctor has some suggestions!

Anonymous said...

try dr. recommended when i was PG and it worked.

no crack lotion

Anonymous said...

I hope you start feeling better. Have you had swelling as well or just itching? Feel better soon! Hugs, Ginger

kanishk said...

Hope they can give you something for it.

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