Thursday, January 7, 2010


She is goofy, loud, crazy, whinny, insanely cute, has this incredible personality, is very outgoing, has wild hair, is left handed, sassy, has the most amazing hazel eyes, can say some of the sweetest things in the world, is filled with energy, talks in her sleep, loves to have her picture taken and loves to watch "Her Shows".

My little girl, excuse me, my big girl is potty trained. No more diapers until this baby makes its appearance. She is amazing, I am so proud of her. She does it all on her own and only needs help when she is done and needs to be wiped.

Now this weekend I plan on testing it at night time. She wakes up dry every single morning and I am just scared that the night I don't put a pull up on her she will wet the bed. I am not a fan of washing sheets or making beds so I really don't want to have to do it a bunch of times. I do think she is ready to be completely done with diapers / pull ups.

The next step is underwear. At some point she needs to start wearing underwear. It's not that she is against it, its that she wets her pants when she is wearing them. So I might just try again this weekend with the underwear as well.

We are doing a family dinner tomorrow night for my Birthday, I turn 26 on Tuesday! We are going to my favorite restaurant, Redstone! Chads family is coming down and a friend or two will also be joining us. We don't have much else planned for the weekend. Just hanging out and spending more time with family. Hopefully we can sneak away to a movie!

P.S. Alex got this cute Minnesota Vikings Jersey for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma. She will be sporting it from now on, on GAME DAYS! Maybe even when they aren't playing because I think she looks so cute in it!


Meant to be a mom said...

LOVE the jersey! I am a Vikings fan.
Alex looks like a little girl in these pictures and not as much like a toddler. What a pretty little girl she is. How exciting that she's doing so good with her potty training.
Happy birthday to you next week. I hope you have fun at your b-day dinner.

Stephanie said...

Yay for Alex!

Maybe she can come and help Caleb out-we're starting potty training today and it's definitely interesting!

Kelly said...

So cute!! Glad she is such a big girl now!!

Emily said...

Isn't having a potty trained child awesome!? Melody pt-ed over the break. Ahhh, bliss! :) And happy birthday!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Way to go, Alex! She's so cute!