Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Can Always Make You Feel Better
and knowing you saved a lot of money makes you feel the best!

This can always put a smile to my face. It is almost safe to say that Alex is set for summer when it comes to clothing. I am starting to turn into my mom ( well I am A LOT like my mom ) when it comes to shopping. I used to only shop at Baby Gap for Alex and I have expensive taste. This year I am changing for the better. I have hit up 3 different Once Upon A Child ( used clothing stores ) and Alex dresser is almost stocked with summer clothing.
She is set on dresses, shorts and now tank tops. She had maybe 2 summer tank tops before I went into Once Upon A Child this morning and walked out with 11 cute and not pink tank tops. 7 of them being from Baby Gap, 1 from gymboree and every single one under $2.50. I also walked out with 2 pairs of jean shorts, a skirt and 2 dresses.
I was proud of myself because I had almost triple this amount in my hands and I put back everything over $5.50. It broke my heart to put back this super cute J.Crew dress but it was $10.00 and I knew she didn't need it and she wouldn't miss it.
The only things she NEEDS are shoes ( which I found 3 pair that I like at target ), 2 sweat shirts, 2 lounge outfits ( which target has ) and a Birthday and Easter Dress ( not the same dress )! Oh She also needs 2 or 3 swim suits!!! Some of this she can get for her birthday though which will also be nice.

I am starting to really hope we have another girl so all of this can be passed down to her! You think that will happen? Anyone think we are having a girl?!

Just talked to my mom and Alex is still in her Jeans and Underwear that I put her in this morning. I think we might be past the no Underwear stage and she can finally wear something other then leggings under a dress!


Verna said...

I think it is fantastic that you can find clothes and save money.
There is nothing wrong with buying used clothing....They outgrow them so fast.

Anonymous said...

I love Once Upon a Child and enjoyed shopping there at our last duty station. I miss it! Glad you found so many cute things!

Paige said...

I wish we had a store like Once Upon a Child around my town! So many post about how wonderful they are! I love buying from consignment sales! maybe you will be having another girl so you can pass down all of these adorable finds!

kanishk said...

..They outgrow them so fast.

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Stephanie said...

I'm thinking it might be a boy and all these adorable girl clothes will have to find their way to SC :) JK!!!

I hope you're having a girl and you get what you want! The clothes you got are adorable and as always she is just beautiful in whatever she wears and I love the deals that you got!

I'm trying to get back into the blog world-I have been SO behind.

Amanda said...

Yeah! So cute... looks like you found some really great stuff!