Friday, January 1, 2010

What A year

2009 Had Been I Can Only Imagine How Much More Fun 2010 Will Be!

Some Big Things In 2009

Erin Started her own company "Simply Classic Photography"
Chad went back to being a Double Agent with the Geek Squad
Alex became a big girl and went away with the NUK and DIAPERS
We decided to try for another baby and got pregnant right away ( Due March 20th)!
We spent lots and lots of time with family ( we wish we could have spent more time with the family that is farther away )
Uncle Adam and Aunt Heather Got Married
Uncle Nate and Aunt Heather Got Married



Pumpkin Patch with Grandma Darlene and Mommy

Playing outside

State Fair
1st swim lessons

Ross, Kendra and Nolan came to visit ( family time and the zoo )
4th of July at the cabin

Playing in the Water
Daddy Birthday
Uncle Nate and Aunt Heathers Wedding

Lots Of Time Outside With Friends

Alex 2nd Birthday

Disney On Ice

Grandpa Micks Surprise party

Elmo Live
Mommy and Grandma Char Birthday

What We Look Forward To In 2010

Welcoming our new baby boy or girl
Celebrating Alex 3rd Birthday and our 3rd anniversary
Spending much more time with family and friends
Chad turning 30
and much, much more :)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year! I was pleased with myself and actually made it up past the ball drop!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Looks like 2009 was a great year. Many blessings for 2010!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I loved your year in review post! I hope 2010 is just as wonderful!

Meant to be a mom said...

wow what a year. And two Aunt Heathers. Thats fun!
I love the year of pictures of Alex, She's such a cutie. I can't wait for number two. I hope your 2010 will be an amazing one.

Emily said...

So cute! I love looking at how much Alex has changed over the year.

Stephanie said...

The piano picture is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love all of those-you are so talented!