Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 Week

Ago today we welcomed our 2nd daughter. This teeny weenie preemie that we now call Avin Maxine. I can not believe that it has already been a week, 7 days. It is still hard to believe that she is here, over 5 weeks early and doing so well.

I can't even explain how amazed we are with her and how amazed her nurses are. A lady even told us today that they usually have to send babies her size over to North Memorial in Robbinsdale. Avin now weighs 4lbs and is taking almost every single one of her feedings by bottle.

They did put a feeding tube in her nose on Sunday. She needed to use the tube on most of her day feedings to fulfill the amount she needed ( which then was 32cc ). Starting on Monday night she has taken all but 1 of her feedings by bottle. They upped the amount she could take to 34cc and today this morning they upped it again to 40cc or more if she shows signs of still being hungry and she took all of that feeding from me by bottle.

Avin is still on monitors and will most likely be until we take her home. She has had some drops in her heart rate and they are trying to figure out if it is just her taking a shallow breathe or if it is from her being a preemie. There is a 12 hour test they can run that will pin point it to what is causing it but they do not want to do that until they have to or if she is ready to be sent home and that is all that is keeping her.

Right now in order for Avin to come home she has to continue to gain weight, which she has for the past 3 days. She also has to be taking all her feedings by bottle which right now since Monday night at 9:30pm she has had all her feedings but one by bottle.

I was very frustrated because they had talked about not even trying to wake her to feed her and if she was sleeping when her feeding time came just let her sleep. This made me upset because I wanted her to at least have the opportunity to try and take it from the bottle. I don't think they ever just feed her through the tube while she was sleeping, so I was happy and Avin is doing great at her feedings now and even starting to wake herself up before she eats.

I didn't know what to expect when Avin came into this world and our lives. I had no idea how emotional, stressful, time consuming, and how much energy it would take to have a baby in the NICU as well as an almost 3 year old at home.
It has been so hard on me to leave Avin and go home to Alex and Chad. I feel so bad leaving her and I don't want the nurses to think I am not there for her. I hate not spending every night at the hospital with her ( which the hospital has a room for me and I can have all my stuff in here and come and go as I wish FOR FREE, its amazing ). I hate the driving back and forth but more then anything I hate not being with Chad and Alex every day and night. I have been spending the nights at home because I miss them so much. I hate when Alex tells me to stay home and not go to the hospital and why I have to keep going back to the hospital. She told my mom today that she wanted Avin to come home.

we are ready for you to come home whenever you are ready. We know that the NICU is the best place for you right now but little lady it is so hard on your mommy ( and daddy and big sister ) We are waiting open arms to be a family of four and have everyone at home. I am more then ready to have you in my arms at home and to not have to come to this AMAZING hospital and see this absolutely AMAZING staff day after day.

I am so thankful for my husbands mom, my mom and my husband for being there for Alex while I have been away. She is used to being with me almost all the time and I know this has been hard on her but having her grandma's and daddy with her has been good for her yet hard. I can't thank you 3 enough for making me feel more at ease with being at the Hospital with Avin as much as I have. If I didn't have these two amazing grandma's in my kids life, this week would have been hell. So I thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done for me and for my family this week.



Anna said...

She is soooo cute! That nuk is about the size of her little head. What a precious gift.

All About Aleigha said...

Oh my goodnes she is so tiny & adorable. That paci looks huge compared to her head but she is oh so cute.

Ashley said...

You & your family are in my prayers!
I was reading her jaundice stats & I got out my daughter's hospital papers. She was born a few weeks early, but her levels were MUCH higher! The day we got readmitted back into the hospital it was 19.1, which her pediatrician said was dangerously high!
I'm glad Avin is doing so well!!
She is absolutely precious, by the way!

Meant to be a mom said...

Happy 1 week to sweet baby Avin. She is just so beautiful. Erin that picture of her holding her little paci and her tiny hand is soooo small. Just makes me want to reach through my screen, pick her up softly and just cuddle her. She looks so precious. My prayers are still with you guys and sweet Avin.

Sarah said...

If it helps ease your mind at preemie had the heart rate drop happening too! It's fairly common in preemies! He outgrew it by 35.5 wks & came home right at 36 wks.

Glad she's eating so well for you! That's the biggest hurdle to getting them home!

Paige said...

Happy 1 week precious girl!

Kelly said...

Such a precious peanut! I am glad she is doing so well. She'll be home in no time.

dawn said...

what a beautiful blessing she is! happy one week to her and to you momma! hang in there, before you know it she will be home and this season will pass! it am so sure it is hard splitting yourself between home and hospital, but you are an amazing mommy and you can do it! this is just a big taste really early and kind of different of splitting your attention between more than one child, you are having to do all kinds of adjusting right now - you can do it! just hang tight to the fact that you are being the best mommy you can be for both girls and the best wife to your hubby. i will be praying for strength, peace and endurance during this time! also praying for sweet baby girl to come home when she is ready!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is so precious!
I hope she is able to come home soon. This must be so hard on all of you!

Hilary said...

Oh, what a sweet, sweet blessing Avin is!! I'm so happy she's doing so well and I hope she can come home very soon!