Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our Family

My friend Anna came over on Tuesday night and we took some quick family pictures. It was last minute but these are some of my favorites. I really can't wait to do an outdoor photo shoot when Avin is a little bigger and the weather is nice.

I love the photo above. It is my favorite and I plan on having it framed some where in our house. I love how we are all looking at her and how Alex is touching her head!

You can check out more images here.

I am super excited, my friend Kelly made Avins Birth Announcements today ( there are two of them ) and I was jumping up and down because they are perfect and I love them. She is actually working on Alex 3rd birthday invitations right now and I am super excited about those as well, that will be Minnie Themed!

Hope everyone is getting ready for a fun weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Schuler are coming down and I think Uncle Eric will be joining them.


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Beautiful family pictures! I would definitely frame the first one!

Meant to be a mom said...

I love the family pictures. What a beautiful family you have.

So sweet.

Raechel said...

Soooo tiny! Love the family photos!

Stephanie said...

Those are gorgeous pics! I love the first one and the one of Alex and Avin together-perfect!!!!!

Kelly said...

So adorable! Can't wait till you reveal her birth announcement and Alex's birthday invitation, I love them!!

Nishant said...

I would definitely frame the first one!
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