Thursday, February 18, 2010


So thankful for the Grandparents that Alex and Avin have! These two girls are so loved and spoiled! We are so lucky that our parents are so involved in our girls lives. This is so important to me and I love that Alex just loves spending time with all of her grandparents and I know Avin will enjoy it just as much!

Grandma Darlene drove down on Tuesday night when we got all the info that I was being induced and going to have Avin on Wed. They live a little over 3 hours away and she had to take off of work last minute. I was so glad that she was going to be able to come down and help with Alex. This was one of my biggest worries about having Avin and I was even more worried when I had only a few hours to figure everything out and I was stuck in a hospital trying to do it all. So thank you Darlene for everything you did while you were down here and keeping Alex on a some what normal day to day routine.

My mom and Jack ( i never make things easy on them ) were Mexico that entire week and when I called them on Tuesday to let them know what was going on they were riding ATV. My step dad said to me, "You can never do anything without drama can you!" It is so true as most things in my life happen in dramatic ways. They got a flight home on Wed. even though they weren't supposed to be home until Friday and came right to the hospital to meet there new granddaughter. My mom has been such a great help this week with watching Alex while Chad works and brings in money without using up his vacation time. Thank you mom for being there for Alex so I can spend time with Avin in the Hospital.

Everything these grandmas ( and grandpas ) have done for us while we have been going through this crazy mess has been amazing. We have a lot to be thankful for!

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