Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It all started

at 12:50pm today. I had my Bio Physical Profile ( BPP ) scheduled as well as my routine OBGYN appointment with my doctor. I was excited to finally meet with my doctor in person and talk about everything. My husband was able to meet me which was great because Alex fell alseep in the car and she was able to get a nice little nap.

The BPP looked great and it was great to see my doctor. She did check me and I was dilated to a 1, I was effaced 60 percent and the babies head is VERY low. This is great news for someone that isn't technically due for a month and a half but is supposed to have a baby in about 2 weeks.

So we were talking about everything and all the news was looking great. We were thinking we would schedule the induction for February 24th because they want to do it as close to 36.5 weeks as they can.

The only thing we were waiting on was to hear about my Bile Acid Levels from the blood work that was done last wed. Well the levels went up from 30 to 50. Normal range is 10, this made my doctor very nervous and she wanted to make some phone calls. So I waited in the lobby and my husband had to go back to work. Alex and I got brought back into a room and everything started to unravel.

My doctor wanted to do an amnio and wanted me admitted into the hospital. Dr. Hallstrom ( the chief of the labor and delivery of Oakdale OBGYN ) said she felt comfortable doing this at this hospital instead of having me go to Robbinsdale. I was glad to hear that because this hospital is SOOO close to home.

I was freaking out! My bags weren't packed, I don't have anyone to watch my daughter, my mom is in mexico, I have to do our taxes still, I am just not ready. But there is no option, she is not safe in there and she needs to come into this world.

There was barley any time to think or comprehend what was going on. I didn't even have many questions to ask because I didn't even know where to start. Funny thing is, I don't think the doctors knew exactly what to do either. I could hear them talking through the doors and discussing all the options ( I wanted them to open the door and just talk to each other with me there instead of doing it with the door shut ).

So we did the amnio around 3 and I was admitted into the hospital and I am still here and I will be here until she is born tomorrow. It took until almost 9pm to get the results back from the amnio but her LUNGS ARE MATURE. That was the best news today. So we started cerdavile ( sorry on the spelling ) at about 9:30pm tonight and they will start pitocin in the morning as well as break my water.

My mother in law drove down tonight to be with Alex ( THANK YOU )! This was one of my biggest worries, I want Alex to be happy, not with someone she isnt familiar with or feels comfortable with and I wanted her to be in our home. I want her to be comfortable and not feel left out. I know I shouldn't worry about it and she would be ok no matter what but I just want to make sure.

My mom and step dad will be on a flight home from Mexico tomorrow. SORRY, as they are coming home a few days early. My step dad got on the phone and said "You just can't do anything without drama", which pretty much sums up my life!

My dad will come by sometime tomorrow, my sister in law heather will be here at some point and so will my best friend Anna. I have had so many people ask to help and I feel so grateful for all my friends and family.

I took sleeping pills about 30 minutes ago and my eyes are getting heavy. I would love for you to say a prayer for me and our little girl as tomorrow will be a long day and I hope that I can just hold her for a little while.

I will keep you all in the loop. I do have twitter ( mrsschuler is my tweet name ) that I will update a bunch! Follow me there if you would like to be included in all this drama!!


Raechel said...

Erin, this is BIG news! I'm excited for you and just waiting to hear as things unfold. Who knew way back in October when we found out we were "due date buddies" that you'd be having a February baby!?

I have to admit I'm a little jealous that by tomorrow afternoon you'll be face to face with your baby girl. But, I know these past few weeks have been really scary for you and that having her out will come as a HUGE relief to a lot of anxiety.

Praying for you tonight and looking forward to updates!


All About Aleigha said...

I am definitely praying for you & your family and of course the little one. I cant imagine what your going through but look forward to seeing the new baby. I'm fixing to find you on twitter so I can keep up. ((Hugs))

Mary said...

Thanks for the update Erin! We are praying for you and your little one. How exciting that you get to finaly meet her! I hope you have a easy delivery. I know you have worries but I'm sure things will will work out. Just take care of yourself and your new daughter. It sounds like you have a lot of loved ones caring for you. :)

Good luck and push hard... ok that was lame :)


Jessica said...

Wow! Just think, your baby girl will be here shortly & all your worries can fade away! I will be praying for you & the baby today that everything goes well! Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of that precious baby!

Justin and Heather Huskey said...

Saying LOTS of prayers for you! I hope everything is going as planned...as much as it can anyway! :) Definitely keep posting when you can! I got cervidil the night before Hadlea was born at 8M and I didn't have her until the following day at 9PM. If you haven't had her yet, I am hoping you get some rest!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting this! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the baby right now!

Meant to be a mom said...

I didn't get to read this yesterday. I was shocked today when I got on and saw a picture of beautiful miss Avin. I'm glad everything turned out ok though. I'm just surprised!