Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There are a lot of new posts below and a lot more to come. I am not going to space them out, only post them as I have time to write them! Lots of information has been thrown at us and I have been trying to capture every moment of her NICU stay.

Infant Jaundice

A yellow discoloration in a newborn baby's skin and eyes. The condition occurs because the baby's blood contains an excess of bilirubin, a yellow colored pigment of red blood cells.

Infant Jaundice is a common condition, particularly in babies born before 36 weeks gestation ( preterm babies ). It usually occurs because a baby's liver isn't mature enough to get rid of the bilirubin in the bloodstream.

Jaundice usually peaks between days 3 and 5 of the newborns life. Avin is being checked daily for jaundice and she was treated on 2/13/10, 2/14/10 and for part of the day on 2/15/10.

Her levels were :

2/11/10 - 5.1
2/12/10 - 8.1
2/13/10 - 9.3
2/14/10 - 7.2
2/15/10 - 4.6

I wrote on twitter on Feb. 13th @ 2:20pm - "I walked in to see my daughter and she is on the blanket being treated for Jaundice. Had no idea it would hit me like it did."

I started bawling right away. All these things they are doing or that are going on with Avin are for the best, to make her stronger and to allow her to come home with us. My emotions are high and even though I know everything is for the best and to make her healthy and strong, it is a lot to take in and can be very emotionally draining.

The earliest Avin will be discharged is this Thursday or Friday. She could be in the NICU for another two weeks. She really just needs to work on her feeding and show that she is gaining weight. There is no weight that she has to be at, she is already 35 weeks gestation, she can hold her own temp, has no infections or need to antibiotics and she is not on oxygen. So she needs to eat by bottle and gain weight not loose!! I will have another post about her feeding!


Verna said...

Of Course your emotions are running in high gear...Only natural. Will pray that God will give you a calming, and things begin to look up.
So you can bring this precious little one home with you.
Love to all of you.

Sarah said...

Any NICU experience is an emotional one! Prayerfully Avin will start gaining weight & eat like a champ so you can all be home together!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I can't even imagine how emotional a NICU stay would be. Dylan was in the hospital for 4 days, just so they could keep an eye on him, but didn't have to go to the NICU. He did have jaundice, though, and had problems controlling his body temp.
That is wonderful that she may come home this week! I'll keep praying for her!

Jaymie said...

You have an award at my blog!

Lyr said...

Ok... FIRST! Where the heck have I been??? Congrats on the little one, but sorry things have been so bad!

sEcond ... These picture with the lights are amazing. You really did a good job with the pictures, even if you didn't mean for them to come out this way.