Monday, February 22, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I could take pictures of her all day long. She is the cutest Preemie I have ever laid eyes on. We are so in love with her and we are so happy that she is home with us.

Using natural light to capture her precious face . . a photographers dream. I don't always use natural light but for her I am going to try and use it daily.

Our first night at home as a family of 4 went well. Alex didn't nap yesterday so she went to bed early. Chad and I stayed up a little to late watching couples retreat but it was worth it.

Avin eats about ever 3 to 3 1/2 hours. She also grunts a lot during the night so I did not get much sleep at all. I did finally realize that she doesn't like to be laying completely flat. I went down stairs tonight and got the little wedge we used with Alex and Avin is in the pack and play alseep right now grunt free.

She can not believe how small she is. She is almost too small for preemie clothes. We went to the Dr. today for her check up and she is 4lbs 5oz which is up 3oz from when she left the hospital. The doctor said she looks great and around 4 months no one will know she was a preemie.

I am feeling well, its just a lot to adjust to now that she is home. Chad is going back to work tomorrow for the week. My mom is going to come up a few days and my sister in law will come up one day. My in laws will be here this weekend so all the sleep I loose over the week hopefully I can make up this weekend while they are here.

Chad and I have decided that we are going to try and do date nights 2 times a month. We are hoping my brother and sister in law came help us out as well as my mom and step dad. We never really get out just the two of us and it is something we want to try and make a priority now. We will have to be creative as we don't have money to spare so taking walks around the lakes in the summer might be something we do often. :) Any ideas for cheap dates let me know!

Ok her eyes just make me so happy. She isn't awake that often and Chad and I just love when we get to see her eyes open and looking around. She doesn't look that tiny to me in these pictures but she is one tiny little baby. We compared her to Alex Itty Bitty Baby from the American girl doll collection and Avin is the same size as the doll.

This headband, oh I love it. I found this seller on Etsy and I can't wait to order more. The shop is called Little Pea Boutique and she has amazing things at amazing prices. I have a bunch of favorites and hope to order a few of them soon.

Hope you don't get sick of seeing pictures of this little girl.

A post about Alex and how she is adjusting into her new role as a big sister to come!


Stephanie said...

I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing pictures of her! She's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

I wish we were closer so I could help you out and you and Chad could get some time away. But you couldn't possibly have a better reason to stay home either :)

dawn said...

i am soooo glad that avin is home and that you are adjusting (besides being tired!) to life as a family of four!! she is such a beautiful baby!!!

i so agree, date nights are so important!! it gets harder to have time for you and your hubby the more kiddos you had - so yay for you being proactive and protecting your marriage!!! we try to do them once or twice a month also. sometimes if we can't do them "out" we do them "in" put the kids to bed and eat dinner without them and watch a movie at home. i know that is a little harder with a teeny baby! but keep in mind as she gets older or sleeping in longer stretches!!

take care, rest when you can and hold that sweet girl as long as you can!! and when you think you are holding her too much, hold her even longer because before you know it she will be a one year old!! enjoy every single second of her!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your beautiful girl is home! She is a doll. I know you are so proud of her.

Jessica said...

She really is the cutest thing ever! I am so glad that she is doing so well. I know y'all are excited to have her home! God is so good!!!

Anna said...

She is just the cutest little peanut.

I'm ready to hear ideas for cheap date nights too.

If we would ever meet in real life, I'd come and babysit for you. Since we live so darn close to each other. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

She is absolutely angelic. What a beautiful little face. I love all the pics you share of both of the girls. They are both so pretty.

I'm so glad she's doing good. She'll be a normal 6 lbs before you know it. I hope you get lots of rest when all your family comes.

Wasn't couples retreat funny =)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

She's adorable!!!
I can't wait to see more pictures of your girls together!