Monday, February 8, 2010


I came really close to having a break down.
Thank goodness for my friend Tina and Twitter.

Our little girl was moving like crazy on my way home from work. This is normal, our little girl is a mover and she is strong. Her kicks can be rough and my right side is getting beat up! Right now I don't mind and every kick I cherish because every kick means she is still alive and growing.

Tonight I was doing my normal thing and was putting away baby clothing that I had washed. I came into bed to start watching The Bachelor and I thought I was having a contraction. This contraction was more painful then normal and was lower on my right side. The pain kept coming and going and I was starting to freak out because I couldn't remember the last time I felt her move.

I wrote on twitter " I keep getting this pain, I am getting mad and I need this baby to move."

My friend Tina responded right away and told me to drink a glass of cold water and lay on my left side. I did what she said and I laid there and I waited and she talked to me, well tweeted with me and calmed me down.

The pain keeps coming and going and I don't know if it is a contraction or if she is just sitting weird or pressing on something. It is a new pain though and it was very uncomfortable. Our little girl has kicked and moved ( only a few times but she has moved ) in the last 10 minutes and that is what matters.

THANK GOD I go to the Doctor tomorrow and I can talk to her about all of this. It is so easy to say relax and calm down and the baby will move when she wants to and yet again it is so easy to freak out because what I have causes Still Birth and movement is the only way for me to know that our little girl is alive and growing is by her movement.

but I have regrouped and I am feeling ok now. I think I should go and get some sleep.

Sorry my posts have lacked pictures. I will try and get some up soon because all these word posts are kind of over whelming for me!


Candi said...

Hang in there girlie. You are in my prayers.

Mary said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope your Dr appointment goes well tomorrow. Try get some rest tonight. :)

Still praying for you and your little one.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you! And your sweet baby girl. Hugs

Jessica said...

Sorry it's stressing you. I know I would be the same way. Hang in there though! Also, I love the name Ava Maxine :)

Meant to be a mom said...

How scary. I would have been the same way. I'm glad she moved though. I hope your dr. appt. Goes well.

Tina Fisher said...

Anytime sweet girls! Waiting to hear how today goes! We love us some twitter! :)

MamaBear said...

Saw your tweet - praying!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I haven't signed up for twitter yet, but saw your tweets. Congratulations!!! I'll continue to pray for her. I hope she gets to come home soon!