Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why You Laughing

At Me . .

I just overheard it all. Alex told chad she wanted to watch somebody save me ( that stands for Smallville and I know its such a great show for her to watch ). After she told Chad that I heard a loud noise and Chad yell ALEXANDRA!

She was quite for a little after that and then came walking into our bedroom with her head down. She told me

"Mommy, I dropped my car down off the stairs and daddy yelled ALEXANDRA so I went into my room!"

She said all this with her head down and she sounded so cute. I started cracking up right away because her voice and facial expressions where just amazing.

She then yelled, "Why are you laughing at me?"

Oh I had to write this down because it was so funny and she just does the funniest things now. She often walks into a corner or up to her room when we say her full name and she knows she has done something wrong. Also her head is always hanging down!

Oh how I just love her!


Stephanie said...

haha wait until the attitude hits and she screams back at you.

Lord that's what's going on with my boys now and to make matters worse Caleb copies them since he's obviously learning from his older brothers :)

Just yesterady he got mad at me when I put him in time out and was crying while saying "I don't love you guys anymore"

Sarah said...

Just found your blog. Alex is adorable, and congrats on the new baby to be. I will be praying for your health and the babies health as well. New follower :)