Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Family Walk!
The weather the past few days has been great, we have been able to spend time outside playing and getting energy out. On Sunday I bundled Avin up and we took a family walk. Chad had Alex going through all the snow piles pretending she was snowmobiling. After the walk we spent at least 2 hours outside talking with the neighbors while Alex played with her friends. The kids are so excited to be outside playing. I can not wait to spend every night outside hanging out with our neighbors. I also can't wait for Daylight Savings because that means it is going to be lighter out later into the evening.

Let me tell you how much Alex is like her dad. She is like him in so many ways but her body temperature must run warm like his. She took her jacket off while playing outside on Sunday because she was warm. See my husband above and below wearing a T-shirt in 40 degree weather, well my daughter joined him! Some of the neighborhood kids were wearing t-shirts and shorts. I promise only in a state like MN do we consider this to be nice enough weather to wear short sleeves, and that's just because our winters get so cold. I was joking with my neighbor that in October we will be wearing sweatshirts and jackets when its 50 degrees or 40 degrees because we will be so used to the heat!

Today its raining. That's ok though because it will get rid of some of that Salt that is all over the ground.

We went with my mom to the Mall Of America! I needed to find some new shirts and I got 3 from H&M! Alex enjoyed some rides with my mom while Avin and I shopped for a little while. It worked out perfect! Grandpa Jack then met us for lunch!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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