Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every parent has dreams or goals for there children . . Right?

Every parent has an idea of who they want there child to become . . Right?

Every parent has a direction they want to guide there child in . . Right

Every parent wants there child to make there own choices but deep down inside we all have an idea of who we would love to see our children become . . at least in some things.

I am not talking about who they will become when they get older ( like a doctor, or a teacher, or an artist ) but I am talking about as they grow up, I always knew I wanted my children to be involved in sports, team sports.

I have always wanted my children to be Athletic.

When I was little I remember being in and playing sports. I remember swimming lessons, trying soccer and softball ( hated softball, hated being out in the heat waiting to catch a ball that might make it to the outfield ), being in dance and gymnastics, playing volleyball ( all the way into high school ) and being on different cheer squads ( high school and all star teams, competing ). My husband was the same way, playing baseball, football, as well as tennis, hockey and golf ( all in High School - the last 3 anyways ). I would say my husband and I were both athletic when we were younger and it is something with both loved as kids and teenagers.

When I look back at my childhood yes I remember playing outside with my friends and doing fun things with my family but I remember most being involved in sports, being athletic. I loved being apart of a team, I loved competing and I loved learning new things. Winning wasn't the most important but it sure was fun. I have newspaper clippings from my High School Competition Cheer Squad, we won the State Title and a bunch of others, traveling to different states to compete against other teams was a big highlight of my teenage years. Looking back at those brings back great memories and it is where I met a lot of my great friends. It teaches you: how to work as a team, deal with other people ( sometimes people you don't like ), responsibilities, listening skills, following direction, dedication, and much more. It gives you a sense of pride, feeling like you belong, something to smile and be proud about and it can be a great sense of accomplishment.

I would say being apart of a sport that involves team work ( cheer leading and volleyball for me ) made me a stronger person ( yes stronger physically but also mentally ). It taught me how to communicate ( calling the ball, talking to each other during plays, making sure everyone was safe when doing a stunt ), how to rely on people, trust people ( this was huge in cheer leading ), and how to take direction.

Not only do I think being involved in sports made me a stronger person but it also kept me grounded, it kept me out of trouble. It kept my head on straight and I knew that if I wanted to be involved in sports I couldn't drink, smoke or do drugs ( not that I wanted to anyways, and I did have a few drinks every now and then ). When you play a sport in the State of Minnesota at a High School level you sign a contract and if you get caught doing something ( like drugs or drinking ) you get suspended or kicked off. When you play a team sport and do something like that you don't only hurt yourself but you hurt the entire team ( especially in a sport like cheer leading were every person is being used, every person has a spot in the routine, there usually aren't back ups ). This is where relying on other people and trusting other people comes in.

I think as a teenager I was a pretty good kid, I stayed out of trouble and I listened to my parents. I think a lot of this had to do with how they raised me, the trust they had in me as well as the dedication I had to each of the sports I played.

So I thank my parents for allowing me the opportunity to try out lots of different sports, play the sports I wanted and really be involved in each of the sports.

I want to give that chance to Alex and Avin. I want them to be able to explore and try different sports ( if they want, I would never force them ). So I get kind of excited when Alex shows interest in sports, and some she is even good at for being 3 years old.

I get excited when she is outside kicking a ball with her daddy, when we are at the lake and she is trying to play volleyball like all the big kids ( telling me I am holding my hands wrong and she tries to show me the right way to hold her hands ), throwing the football in the neighbors yard with her friend Keylee ( saying they are a team of girls ), or even cheering on a Minnesota Sports team that we are watching on TV.

This isn't the biggest dream I have for Alex and Avin ( I am not really sure what is ). I won't force them to play sports but I will try and guide them that way ( is that wrong of me ). I would be a little sad of they decided not to be involved in sports but of course will love them no matter what. Overall I want them to be involved in something they love, something that will make them a stronger person, something that will make them feel like they belong, something that makes them happy.

What is something you want for your child/children that reminds you of your childhood, something you did as a kid that you want your child/children to do?



The Bee Hive said...

I agree 100%! :-)

Krystyn said...

While the athletic thing isn't so much for me, I want them to have good manners and be respectful young people in the world.