Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog To Book

"It's All About Alex" 

That was the title of my blog for the last 2.5 years and has just recently changed to "The Schuler's" because it is not longer all about Alex, yes she is still a very important part but she now shares the spotlight with her little sister Avin. 

For Christmas last year we got Alex a very special gift.  She may not know how special this gift is yet but one day she will cherish it and be so happy that she has it, is able to hold it, show it to friends and family and look back on all those memories. 

So what did we get her?  

In the Words of the designer, " 240 pages full of photographs ( 1016 of them! ) of Alex's first two years.  This is a baby book unlike any you've ever seen." 

We turned her blog into a hard cover book.  A coffee table book.  A book that we can hold.  A book that we can take places with us and share with whom ever we want.  A book that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

A book that is dedicated to 3 of her great grandpas that she never got the chance to know.  Everyone knows how important family is to me and dedicating this book to them was important and being close to family is something I hope Alex will always want and enjoy. 

On our wedding day we had 3 small vases with a single flower in them in memory of our grandpas that had passed away.  Chad and I are both family people and we enjoy and treasure all the time we get with our families.

I ( you ) spend all this time blogging.  Putting so much effort and time into each post.  When I am taking pictures I start to imagine what type of post those pictures will go into.  Friends and Family read my blog to keep up with our family life.  It is a perfect way to keep everyone posted and allows people to watch my children grow without having to see them weekly or monthly. 

I love blogging, it has turned into a passion and is something I plan to do for a very long time.  I don't think my blog will go away but what if one day I wake up and its gone?  Do you back your blog up?  Do you back all your pictures up? If you lost your blog would you remember all of those big or little memories that you spent so much time blogging about? 

I knew once I found "Carrie's Blog To Book Company" that I had to and wanted to turn Alex blog into a book.  No matter the price or the time that it would take I was going to do it, I was determined.  I booked extra photo sessions just to pay for this 240 page hard cover book.  

It wasn't cheap but it was worth EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY!

This book documents my pregnancy along with Alexandra's : birth, doctor appointments, birthdays, firsts, our wedding, baptism, holidays and everything in between. It is exactly what Carrie described, a baby book unlike any other baby book.  

Now that everything is digital for me I don't have many photo albums and I don't print pictures but maybe 3 times a year.  Everything is on my computer ( backed up in 3 different places ) and I don't have a hard copy of every single picture I have taken of Alex ( that's over 50,000 images ).  

Having turned my blog into a book has given me the hard copy.  It has given me something to hold in my hand and something I am so PROUD of.  

It would be simple to say that I just told Carrie to copy my blog exactly how it was, but that didn't happen at all.  I had lots of ideas and so did she, we worked together and she made the perfect baby book.  It took me a few months to get my blog ready.  By ready I mean going through and marking which posts I didn't want or need ( i.e. videos, posts related to my photography or just random posts or sites that I joined in on like I heart faces ), going through and getting rid of pictures that were similar or just to minimize the amount of pages this book was going to be, and adding things from myspace and a journal I had going while pregnant ( I didn't start blogging until right before or after Alex was actually born ), also adding things from my side bar and at the end of my blog ( like her doctors visits, firsts and illnesses she had ) were all part of the tasks that had to take place before she started the book.  

I only hope one day Alex will love, adore and cherish this book like I do now!  I also hope that one day soon I can make one just like this for Avin ( that's why we label our posts right ).

Carrie did an amazing job, she pays so much attention to detail and has such great ideas. If you are thinking about turning your blog into a book ( and don't want to spend your own time doing it ) I would highly recommend her.  I will be back for sure.


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I wish i would of started blogging before aleigha was born but atleast I have everything documented in her baby book but oh how special one of these would be. I'm sure Alex will cherish it when she's older.

MamaBear said...

You were the first client that I got to work with in person. THANK YOU for sharing your memories with me and trusting me to put it all together. It makes a big difference in the quality of the finished product when someone blogs with the intent of creating a book some day. Keep up the great work and I'm sure your second book will be just as meaningful!

(I hope to get a bookmaking class set up for the end of April if you are interested)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That is awesome! I really hope to make one of these one day!