Friday, March 12, 2010


A few posts back I talked about how I thought Alex was ready for Chores. She absolutely loves to be involved and helping out in anyway. I know sometimes I forget just how much she can really handle and do things myself without even giving her the chance to help me. So latley we have been allowing her to help us set and clear the table or dinner, help put things in and out of the laundry machine, put her clothes away, and her new thing is vacuuming.

The past two days she has wanted to Vacuum and I have let her. I think she loves the feeling of being able to do big girl things on her own. Or things that she sees mommy and daddy doing and now she can do them.

Yesterday she was vacuuming around 1:00pm and she said she was going to vacuum until daddy got home so he could see her. Well he wasn't going to be home tell 6:00pm or after. So she settled on allowing me to take pictures to show daddy.

I really think she is becoming a daddy's girl!

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