Friday, March 12, 2010


Practice Makes Perfect!

That is the saying that I keep telling myself when it comes to Newborn Photography. Practice is what I need and not just with my own newborn but with multiple. It sure is nice having my own newborn girl to work with though and I have already learned a lot.

There are two photographers that I just love and look at their work and it inspires me. I dream of taking the types of pictures that they take. I have never met either lady but both of these photographers are just amazing and their pictures are PRICELESS.

Katie Welsh Photography

Mike Beth Edwards Photography

With having my own newborn to practice with and with asking questions to some fellow blogger's I have learned some new tricks and tips. I am putting those tips to use in these pictures with my daughter Avin and I love the ones I have posted.

I wanted her asleep and I wanted to position her in those cute little positions with her hands holding her head up and her legs crossed and much more. Avin wasn't having it and everything she was sleeping and I went to move her she would wake right back up. Now I think I know why they say newborn pictures need to be taken within the first 10 days of the babies life.

But it almost worked out perfect because in the first weeks of Avins life she would never have her eyes open, she slept and slept and slept. Every time my husband would come to the hospital to see her he just wanted her eyes to be open and she may have given him a peak every now and then but 95% of the time she was asleep, eyes shut.

So capturing these images with her eyes open are PRICELESS for our family but I still want some of those sleeping pictures because soon we won't be able to get her to sleep as much as we would like!

Going out and purchasing new "fabric" backgrounds was a lot of fun and extremely cheap. I actually can't wait to go out and purchase more. I love having the different options and the ones I used in this photo session I think look AMAZING.

Also having the cute little bows from these two etsy shops: Little Pea Bows and Kamieo's Custom Creations, made each image different and added that girly touch! I love using headbands and seeing the difference it makes in the picture.

If you haven't checked out Etsy, its the most amazing place ever!


Capturing a picture like this of my little girl yawning, oh it just melts my heart!!!

And the last picture posted below, I would love to know what she was thinking when she was making that face.

I tried to capture a sneeze two different times but was too slow, maybe next time.

As I said above "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" and lucky me 4 of my friends are pregnant or have just had babies. Hopefully they will all allow me to practice on their babies and try some of these new things out that I am learning.

I am also excited about this weekend. Sunday I am doing a photo shoot with 12 little ones and 1 real bunny rabbit. It is a mini Easter session and I can not wait to see the outcomes! I also can't wait to see all the different Easter Outfits each mommy has picked out.

Have A Great Weekend!

Sorry for all the posts today I just had so much I wanted to Share! Check below for other posts that were posted today!

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She is beautiful! Great pictures!