Tuesday, March 2, 2010


we went for a walk / bike ride! The weather has been amazing, we even took out Alex spring coat. We spent the morning with my mom and when we got home I decided we should take a walk and get some fresh air. So I bundled Avin up in her car seat and we headed out the door.

The sun was shinning and you could hear the water running down the streets from the snow melting. I love that sound, it means that spring is close and soon we won't have to wear jackets, hats and mittens. Today we only needed that light jacket, it was amazing!

Alex loved being outside on her bike. Avin slept most the time and didn't make a sound. I just enjoyed being outside with "My Girls"!!! I still can't believe I am the mother of 2, two amazingly beautiful girls.

Above is my view, what I saw as I walked outside in this amazing weather.

I hope we can do this again tomorrow and all week. The weather is supposed to stay this nice all week!

AVIN UPDATE : we went back to the doctor today for a weight check. Avin is now 4lbs 15oz, just 1oz shy of 5lbs. When we went in last monday she was 4lbs 5oz, so she gained 10oz. I can't believe that she has already gained a pound sense birth!! We go back in 2 weeks for another weight check and then maybe she will go off the Neosure ( a high cal formula ).

Avin Baby Announcements are on the post below if you have not seen them!

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