Sunday, March 21, 2010

Way Back

Ok so not that long ago . . .

But last weekend when Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Eric spent a few days at our house we got to spend a lot of time outside. The weather was great and we even went to the park ( pictures above ). I think on Sunday Alex and Grandma took 4 walks and spent a good hour at the park. Alex could live outside if we let her and anytime there are kids outside playing she wants to be out there with them so bad.

We also went to the Mall of America. Alex got to ride on a bunch of rides with Grandma and Daddy. I took pictures but for some reason I can not find them so they will not be posted. When we were at the mall Avin got hungry so I made her a bottle and Grandma went to feed her and it started leaking all over. The bottle was bad ( or I just forgot one of its pieces ) and Darlene had to go across the mall ( remember this is the mall of america ) and find a bottle at the dollar store. I think that was the only store in the mall that had a bottle and thank god they did!

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