Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back Up

Lots of people have asked and are wondering what I do with my photos. How do I back them up and store them.  When it comes to photos, my photos I take a lot of precautions because I don't want to loose them.  I also take a lot of precautions because I have images of clients and I don't want to take a risk and loose them. 

There are lots of different ways to store your photos.  I personally think it is important to have them backed up in more then one place ( and your computer doesn't count ). 

The places I back up my images are 

1. My Computer ( my mac )

2. Time Machine ( on my mac ) - which is a large external hard drive.  This goes automatically and backs up each week.  

3. We have a computer in our basement that is like a server ( my husband works for the Geek Squad, a post on that to come soon ) and I put my photos on that as well.  I don't do it as often as I should but its there and it has lots of photos on there.
4. Passport - I have a small external hard drive that I use every so often to transfer or store pictures.  I don't use it as much as I used to but I have it for when I need to transfer small amounts of pictures.  I would also bring it with my on trips and transfer my photos onto there as well as onto my computer so that they are in two places before I delete them off of my camera card. 

5. - this is a site that I pay for and upload all of my images to.  I have it broken down in different folders and years.  I love this site because it allows my family to see all the images, not only the ones I put on my blog.  It also gives them the opportunity to order prints from there ( it is super cheap and good quality ).  This is also were I store my clients photos, it allows them to see the images before they get the disk in the mail.  This also allows there family to see the images.  
Those are the 5 places or storage devices I use to store my images.  The mains on I use would obviously be my computer and time machine ( because it goes on its own).  I also use Fotki weekly and it does take a lot of time, drive my husband nuts because it slows down the internet speed but I store all my photos on there.  

I want to talk a little more about fotki because I think it is such a great idea and I think that everyone should use a site like this.  Here are some of my facts for my fotki account.  

I am a premium member ( this is really the only way to go - unlimited amount of storage )

I have became a member in 2008.  I have been a member for 1 year and 11 months. 

I have 15 folders

I have 234 albums

I have 43,631 photos uploaded to Fotki ( that's around 159GB )

 I LOVE FOTKI and if you are interested in using a site like this you can click on the link below!
Again this site is perfect for someone that just wants to share there photos with family and friends as well as someone that takes pictures for clients and wants to allow them an online SECURE viewing site.  
Check out Fotki and let me know what you think.  You can view all my folders and pictures HERE!

Here are some helpful hints on using fotki
( please ask if you have questions and I will update this post so you can check back )

1. Set Up A Folder ( I use folders and then inside my folder I put other folders or albums ) - On the left side of your fotki web page there is an area called Folder Menu.  On that menu there are option to create a folder or create a album.  I would start by making your main folders and then in your folders you can make albums. 

Also let me know how you back up your photos and store them, I am interested to know what everyone else does. 



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I am just wondering, how do you create a folder.

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