Friday, April 16, 2010

Blowing Bubbles

and running through the sprinkler. We spent a good about of time on Sunday doing this.  Alex and a few of her friends.  The weather wasn't perfect, a bit chilly but they had a blast!

The sprinkler came first.  The water was freezing and the girls lasted maybe 15 minutes.  Then they decided to take out bubbles and play with those!  Alex had gotten new bubbles for her birthday.  Bubbles are cheap and they entertain for a good amount of time.  I need to stock up on them. 

It was a beautiful Sunday and now on this Windy Friday we are heading to the park before we meet grandma, uncle adam and aunt heather for lunch.  I need to check this park out before I have a photo shoot there on Sunday!


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Sounds like fun but boy do I wonder how kids tolerate the cold water, my nieces & nephews jump in my parents pool when it's freezing. As for bubbles, I think we buy a big thing of them for $3 everytime we got to wal-mart. Cheap entertainment :) Hope yall have a fun relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love how children get enjoyment out of the simplest things? They certainly are good teachers to us...So sweet! Glad you all had a nice day. I love the pictures as always. Your blog layout is adorable!! I should have you teach me how to make mine cute. Have a great weekend!!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE her dress!!!!! So cute!!!

HOpe you guys have a good day and a wonderful weekend!

Candice said...

What is it about kids and bubbles??

Jessica said...

Cuties! Have a good weekend!