Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Sunday

Was just this past weekend right?  I know I am late, ok really late but lets pretend that Easter was just last weekend and I am on top of things! 

We had a great Easter weekend.  We spent the weekend with Chads family in north Dakota.  We got there on Friday night and Stayed until Monday afternoon.  I was a little bummed that the Zoo or the Carousel were not open but soon enough they will be.

Avin did a lot of this, or sleeping on grandpa's belly while Alex kept grandma super busy. We got to hang out with family, talk and play cards and eat lots of yummy food. We went to the park, fed the ducks and played outside. 


We went to church on Easter Sunday and both girls did great. Grandma did give Alex a Blue Raspberry Ring Pop so her mouth was bright blue the entire time, it was funny and I should have gotten a picture of it. 

We even got to see Uncle Nate and Aunt Heather!  Uncle Nate had been over seas and just got home not to long ago.  We were so happy we got to spend some time with him and Heather while they were home. 

Yes I took lots of pictures!  We took some family pictures after we got home from church before we got out of our nice clothes.  We don't want to be in them any longer then we have to.  Comfortable is the way to go!

We had a wonderful Easter and as always a great time with family.

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Candice said...

Cute pics! Don't worry about posting late. I posted about Graham's bday a full month late. LOL

Anna said...

Cute! Looks like you had a ton of fun. How genius that you used a whisk to hold the egg :)

Avin looks THRILLED in the picture where Chad is holding her. ;) She's so tiny still!

Krystyn said...

Look at your sweet girls. Looks like you had a great Easter celebration.