Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

To You, To You, To You!

How could it be, is it possible, does time really go that fast?

3 years ago today was one of the 3 best days of my life
( marrying your daddy and having your baby sister are the other 2 )

Today is your 3rd Birthday, you are 3 today!

3 years ago today we welcomed you into this world at 8:56am.  You made us proud parents, your grandparents into 1st time grandparents and turned your daddy and I into a family.  Being our first born you have really kept us on our toes.  We have loved watching you grow, watching your personality blossom and watching you learn new things daily. 


Alexandra you are absolutely stunning, the silliest 3 year old we know, extremely smart, very energetic, keep us on our toes, a picky eater, super wild, some what independent, not a cuddlier, could live outside, very social, have the most amazing hazel eyes, love sweets, always busy, attached to your taggies on your blankets, have sweaty feet like your daddy, enjoy helping in the kitchen, let mommy take lots of pictures of you, love spending time with your grandparents, can always make us laugh, hate having your hair done, and love being around people.


Some of the things to remember about you right now.

You know your colors, you can count up to 12 on your own ( 20 with help ), you know your ABC, Sing Songs ( Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels On The Bus ).  

You can go to the bathroom all by yourself getting up and off the toilet ( unless you poop you ask for help ), you can buckle yourself into your car seat ( but can't get yourself out ), You help set and clear the table for dinner. 

You know what Skype is ( we do it with the grandparents ), you know what an Ipod is, you know how to use a point and shoot camera and you know what a Blu Ray is ( telling me one day you wanted to watch a movie, daddies movie, A BLU RAY ).  

Favorite TV Show : Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora, Dragon Tails, Handy Mandy
Favorite Color : Blue and Pink
Favorite Candy : Sucker ( anything really )

Favorite Movie : Monsters and Cars
Favorite Drink : Lemonade
Shower or Bath : Shower

Favorite Things To Do Inside : Color, Paint, Read Books, Build w/ Blocks and Help In The Kitchen
Favorite Things To Do Outside : Play Soccer, Swing, Ride Bike, Chalk and Run Through Sprinkler

You went from being scared of the Jet Ski and Snowmobile to loving them. Daddy was so excited this winter when you would ask him for a ride around the yard.  He said next year you need a helmet so you can go a lot further.  We are excited for lake season this year and we believe you will be a dare devil and try lots of new things.

You are a PEOPLE PERSON.  
You love being around and with people.  You always want to be playing with someone.  You are not afraid to go to someones house and ask them to play or come outside. You don't even need mommy or daddy to go with you.  If you want something you go and get it and I love that about you.  You also love talking to people you don't know and asking them there names.  It is funny to watch you go up to other little girls or boys and start up a conversation ( sometimes they talk back other times they just think you are crazy )


You are involved in gymnastics and have been in swimming lessons.  We are going to sign you up for dance and another set of swimming lessons this summer. You are extremely active and are always on the go.  I am so excited to get you involved in more sports and activities with your friends. 

3 years has come and gone so fast.  I am glad that I am able to be with you almost every day and watch you grow.  I can not wait to watch you grow over the next year and see what it brings us.  We know you will keep the next year fun, exciting, busy and entertaining.

Hope all your birthday wishes come true! 


Meant to be a mom said...

I love hearing all these things about Alex, This is such a sweet and cute post!

Happy birthday Alex!

By the way, I think her shirt and hat is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. Precious!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Alex!

All About Aleigha said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Alex! You look so cute!

Candice said...

Happy birthday to Alex!! She sounds like an amaizing child...and great pics!

Susie said...

where did you get that hat and matching shirt. Too cute!

My Alexandra turns 3 soon too.

Erin said...

Susie - you need to send me your email!!!

I got her shirt from this site - http://heather-lala.blogspot.com/

and the hate I got off of this site, i didn't do it on purpose, they just happened to match ha ha!


Jessica said...

This makes me want to cry it's so sweet! I know those 3 years have just flown by for you. And what a beautiful little 3 year old daughter you have! I love the cake shirt too! Happy Birthday Alex!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alex!!!!

Paige said...

I am a little late but I hope that Lil Miss Alex had a wonderful birthday! Her outfit is SO adorable! This is the sweetest post ever!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! What a wonderful blog for your little girl to read someday! Where did you get that adorable shirt and matching hat!!??