Friday, April 9, 2010

It's All In The Details

This is my first time doing a themed party for Alex and I am super excited but overwhlemed.

I have spent a lot of time planning this party and finding cute little things to fulfill her birthday theme! No one told me planning a themed party was this much work.

My good friend Kelly worked her magic again and pulled together both of these invites for Alex!  We had two invites, one for her girlfriends and one for everyone else. Have I told you how amazing she is, Kelly that is.  Do you know you don't have to live in the same state as her for her to make your invitations ( or any of the other 500 things she does ).  Yes she is amazing, Kelly you are amazing! 

Lots of little details.  That is what makes this party themed after all isn't it! Every party has little gifts for all the little kids that come.

ETSY that is where almost all of this stuff came from.  Handmade, handcrafted and OH SO CUTE!
I am in love, addicted and obsessed.  You can't go wrong with Etsy!

Her party is tomorrow at 4pm.  Lots of little friends and family coming over to help her celebrate turning 3!


Mary said...

Everything looks so cute! Good job mama! Hope Alex and her friends have a lot of fun :)

Kelly said...

We can't wait to help celebrate! Thanks so much for the compliment, I loved helping!

Jessica said...

What a cue theme! I can't wait to see pictures of the party. I know it will be just perfect too. Have fun!

Candice said...

Those invites are so cute. Happy birthday Alex...have a fun party!!