Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Madness

So this is going to be a total scatter brain post with questions for you all.  

To start we had a great weekend and spent lots and lots of time outside.  The weather was amazing this weekend and we sure did enjoy it! 

Saturday, Kelly came over with her kids for a photo shoot and to play for awhile.  We had a fun and Alex always enjoys playing with Chase and Abby.  

Sunday we literally spent ALL DAY LONG outside. We woke up ( thanks honey for letting me sleep in ) and I got Alex dressed.  Before I was even down stairs she was outside ready to play.  Chad took Alex with him to Home Depot and Avin and I headed to Cub Foods to get grocery's. Once we got back we spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  We played, took a walk, did yard work, laid around on the grass and hung out with neighbors.  Alex friend Mya got a new wooden play house that is going in her backyard so that men were working on that for about 4 hours while the women chatted and kind of watched the girls.  Have I ever mentioned how nice it is to live in a circle and nor really have to worry about random people driving down.  Mya's grandma ordered us all pizza as a Thanks for helping build this amazing play house.  We played outside tell about 8pm and then came in for showers and to skype grandma and grandpa Schuler.  Once we did that Alex was out within minutes. 

Now on to the questions that I have.

1.  Diapers - what type do you use and why did you pick that brand.  I just recently went from huggies ( which I still have a lot of and will use ) to the Target Brand.  I decided to switch because it was almost 3 bucks cheaper a pack of diapers. That is a big savings when it comes to diapers and how many we buy.

2. Other name brand things vs. store brand things ( target and walmart have there own brands ) - do you always still to name brand like Desitin (sp), bread, Vaseline, milk, laundry detergent, all the food, hair products and more. What is your take on this?

I am trying to save us money anyway that I can right now.  We actually just recently put all of our money into Chad's account and go out of that account.  It is nice because I don't have any money so I can't buy anything or go shopping.  I know this will save us a lot of money because I love to shop and buy new things for the girls.  On Friday I actually sent Chad and text message an asked if we had enough money to go and get bread and a few other things.  I need to make it so when I log into Wells Fargo I can see our shared account but right now I think it is better I don't know all the details about money because its really teaching me what I need and want.  

There is a big difference between want and need and to be honest just about everything is a want.  Right now I could really use some diapers and formula and that for sure is a Need not a Want.  

I am learning at 26 that just having my husband and girls and a roof over our heads ( for now ) and being healthy and having great family is all that we really need ( except for food and those diapers and formula I keep talking about ).  

Any tips on how to save money would be greatly appreciated.  

Now get ready for this great giveaway I have coming up on Friday.  More cute headbands and bows.  When you have girls you can never have enough headbands and bows!  These are from Mimi and Co. and I am in love with them!



Mary said...

1. I wish I could send you the book! It's actually a library book. I do have a book called The Baby Catcher which is birth stories from a midwife. My mom has it right now but I could get it from her.
2. I would love to make hats for you! But... I am not quite there yet with the crocheting ability. I am making a bag that is pretty easy. I promise when I learn how I will make you some. I do know how to make flowers that would look really cute as clips.

As far as money saving tips, one of the big things is getting generic stuff. We shop at Walmart for groceries which saves us money right there. We get pasta, bread, canned veggies, etc generic. BUT there are things I just can't have generic like tin foil, toilet paper, paper towels, stuff like that. As far as baby stuff, I have used generic A&D and it's just the same. We have to use Huggies Pure & Natural diapers for Hailey because she has really senitive skin.

Other thing, COUPONS! :)

Anna said...

I was using the Target diapers for Dimitri, but they made his little belly break out. Then I switched to Luvs and liked them, but they were a little stiff for my liking. Now I'm using the Pampers Baby Dry and like them a lot. I do use the generic Up & Up (Target) A&D, and it's just as good! I just recently started Dimitri on the Up & Up formula and it's $8 cheaper a can! Exactly the same ingredients too. I love a lot of the Target stuff, like Market Pantry, Archer Farms, and Up & Up. Some of the Great Value stuff from Wal Mart is good too. I usually buy my paper products, cleaning stuff, and toiletries at Wal Mart because it's cheaper. I just don't like their produce, so I buy food at Super Target. I know you said you shop at Cub. I'd start shopping at Super Target, they're cheaper than Cub, and you can get all your shopping done in one place!

Anonymous said...

We use Pampers Dry Max and I stock up when BRU does the $15 gift card with purchase of two boxes. And check with your peditrician about the formula. They are given quite a bit to hand out to patients (and because we had two babies, our pedi was nice enough to save everything for us!) Good luck and please pass along any great tips you get!

Meant to be a mom said...

Those pictures you took of Kelly's kids are absolutely beautiful. Great job. I wish I could help you with some money saving ideas but I'm still trying to deal with figuring those things out myself. I'm not exactly the best with saving. I just buy what I need, drives my husband insane and leaves up broke.

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for ways to cut back. Then we can save a little here and put it towards something else.

I used target brand diapers with lillian and use them with Thomas as well. I really like them.

I try to generic things when I can. Can goods, cleaning supplies, etc. For me it has been trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. Have a great week!

Paige said...

I love it that you added in that having yours family and a roof over your heads is what matters most. You're such a wonderful person and Mother! I wish that I could help on the "saving money" advice but I cannot even remember what I bought Charli Beth! haha.

Susie said...

here are a couple of sites that may help.

Katrina said...

I have a friend I met in our local mom's group and she follows these two sites & and the amount of money she saves is ridiculous. She'll update her FB status and after some shopping trips she should have spent over a hundred dollars and instead had money returned to her. It's amazing.

I use Huggies for Aidyn because they're the only diapers he doesn't leak through. Right now has $3 off coupons. You can print up to two from each computer. When I had to use formula for Aidyn I was able to switch him to a generic brand I bought at BJ's. I definitely buy generic foods but not health or beauty products. I'm sure there's not much of a difference but I've just found things that work for me and I haven't wanted to make a change-- just in case.

Candice said...

Great pics!!! Good job Erin!

We use generic for everything! Meijer brand (not sure if you have one of those) it's like a Target.

June 3rd, 2010 said...

Erin - Shop at Costco or Sam's club for diapers, wipes, etc. Buying in bulk will save you in the long run!! You can buy name brands or store brands. Kirkland (Costco brand) is our favorite brand for almost everything in our household.
I always bought the most expensive diapers, just because other brands didn't work as well for us.
I am not the best money saver, although I should be, but I use coupons, get gas at Sam's club, and try to watch for sales for anything we use.
I know how you feel about the money thing, I feel that way too!

June 3rd, 2010 said...

Oh, I just read Anna's comment about prices at Cub vs Super Target. I couldn't agree more. Things are over $1 cheaper at Target than Cub that you use in your every day life. I rarely shop at Cub now.