Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Start of this week was insanely hot. 
It was 95 degrees with 90 % or more humidity. 
If you were outside then you had to be near water.

Sweat would start pouring off you the second you stepped outside.
This is not my type of weather.
Alex sure does love it though.

She spent 3 days in a row
hours and hours of each day
in her pool

Her friends came over to play
every single night after work / daycare. 

Alex is already sporting a nice tan. 
I really believe she could live outside.

Latley when I try and get her to look at me 
these are the faces I get . .

She has gone pure goofy!
I blame it on the sun!

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Anna said...

Sure - blame the sun! :)

She's a cutie. Where did you get the zebra print suit?

Anonymous said...

What a bathing beauty! She is so cute. I don't blam her for swimming. It is supposed to get in the 100's here today! ugh! Have a great weekend.

Jessica said...

I have to side with Alex on this one. I love the summer weather! As long as I have a pool or the beach I'm a happy girl! Tag bought Riley an 8 ft blow up pool Sunday & we've all been taking a swim in it! ;) Alex's zebra print bathing suit is so cute!

Meant to be a mom said...

These pics are so cute. I love her little zebra swimsuit.
I'm glad she's enjoying the summer heat and sun.

Emily said...

Love that sassy suit! 95 is normal for us down here! :)

Anonymous said...

Same weather here! Ugh! I need to get us a pool that I can fit in, I guess!

Katrina said...

Haha! She's so cute! We're living in the water too. It's just been so hot!

Stephanie said...

It's been hot here lately too and Allie and Caleb are the same way with outside-could just live there!

Allie has been doing the same thing when I ask her to look at me-almost impossible to get a good picture!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! It looks like Alex is having fun.
We've been having the same weather! I can't believe how hot it's been!